How a pool can add value to your property and lifestyle


With swimming being among the top three most popular activities in Singapore, having your own swimming pool can offer some great advantages. The general health benefits of being active as well as the entertainment value that a swimming pool is sure to provide will suit all generations of the family. Not only that, but making the move to invest in a swimming pool on your property can also add a worthwhile value of around 5%.

Once design elements, planning permission and finances have been arranged for building your own pool, it is time to start preparing for the responsibility of pool maintenance. Maintaining the right chemistry in your pool water is a top priority to ensure the cleanliness and health of both your pool and those swimming in it. Once all these elements have been thought about and planned for, it is time to focus on the extensive benefits of having a swimming pool and how it can add to your lifestyle and property.

Lifestyle benefits

When planning the design of your pool, it is important to consider its functionality and if it will suit the needs of your family. A swimming pool need not be Olympic sized or traditionally simple and rectangular. For example, the addition of sun shelves, waterfalls and color kinetic lighting allows homeowners to create pools that suit all members of the family. It is possible to add features that make it fun for children, such as slides, or perhaps rails and shallow seating areas for elderly family members who may struggle with mobility. Having an outside space to go to and spend time during the heat of the day or in the evening after a long day to unwind and de-stress is important. Providing for that need and combining it with swimming, which provides a good form of exercise and a mind refreshing activity will add greatly to the lifestyle benefits you may notice of having a pool on your property.

Property benefits

With people becoming increasingly aware of their health and the value of beneficial lifestyle factors, features of properties such as swimming pools do tend to add value. An important factor in increasing the value of your home is to ensure that everything is aesthetically pleasing and in good condition, both inside and outside the house. A swimming pool is a great addition since the property will benefit from the improved surroundings and atmosphere that a pool creates.

Adding a swimming pool to your property may be a costly investment but is one that will see a return on, from improved lifestyle and health benefits while you enjoy it and then again financially when you come to sell your house. Ensuring that you have designed it with its users and function in mind is important to maximize the effects. Also, being a conscientious pool owner in keeping it clean and well maintained it a worthwhile consideration, even during the planning phase of constructing your pool.

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