Hot Home Construction Trends of 2019


Trends in home construction range from designs that are practical to ones that are all about style. If you’re considering making changes to your home, look at what’s trending in home construction. Here’s a list to get you started

Colored Cabinets

White kitchens have been all the rage for at least 10 years in the home design world, but that’s changing with the popularity of colored cabinets. People are painting their cabinets colors like blue or gray. They are also starting to return to wood tones, so if you’ve always been attracted to light wood shades, then now is the time to use it in your kitchen. Today, it’s even popular to have different colored cabinets, so you may have something like silvery-gray for the main cabinets and dark blue for the island. Keeping the upper cabinets white and choosing a natural wood color for the lower ones is also trending. This means that people are starting to be more courageous when it comes to decorating their kitchens.

Cement Features

When you hear the word “cement,” you may automatically think about an unfinished basement floor or your garage, but the material is transitioning into a high-end home design feature. Builders are using cement to mimic the floors that you might see in loft apartments. A sealed cement floor is surprisingly elegant. They are also flexible since you can add them to any area of your home. Treat it like a wood floor and cover it with a soft rug in rooms that require more coziness like a bedroom or a living room. Cement is a great material for kitchen countertops, and you can always use it for décor elements like cement planters or an accent table.

Natural Finishes

Homeowners are searching for ways to make their homes feel more organic. This means that trends in home construction include using stone, wood and bamboo in their homes. Natural finishes will give your home a cozy feel without making it seem cluttered. If you want to do something with this home building trend, consider finishing a fireplace using smooth river rock or install a kitchen butcher block made from real wood. If you’re adding an outdoor feature like a swimming pool, then pool builders in Las Vegas can incorporate natural elements into your design. This may include adding cement pots with plants or including rock in your deck area.


In the ‘90s, everyone was adding sunrooms to their homes, but the addition fell by the wayside. Now, they’re coming back. When you think about it, sunrooms make sense. They add extra space and give a home much-needed light. A major benefit is that the space can become what you need it to be. For instance, you can turn it into a room for entertainment or your own little reading nook. You can even have a sunroom for the purpose of growing an inside garden.

Fire Features

For 2019, fire features are trending. Whether they’re indoors or outdoors, something with fire is a thing to incorporate into your home. Install a fireplace of some kind indoors to create a cozy ambiance or as a focal point in a large room. They are also perfect on a patio if you want to enhance your outside entertainment area. Fire features can be made from any fire-proof material, but for centuries, brick has been the go-to choice.

Home Office

A home office is a major home trend this year since everyone is starting to work from home. People are starting to blend the live-work boundaries, which is changing the types of homes that people are buying. If you add a home office now, it could impact your resell value.

Trends in Home Construction

Trends in home construction range from using natural finishes to building sunrooms. When it comes to home trends, you’re sure to find one that will suit your personal sense of style and budget.

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