Key Home Renovations For The Era Of New Normality

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

It is estimated that around 52% of the global workforce works from home once a week - a phenomenon that by no means will change, with a recent Global Work-From-Home Experience Survey indicating that around 25%-30% of employees will continue to telecommute post-C19. Aspects such as time and cost savings improved productivity, and a better life-work balance is attractive to both employees and employers, though those who do work from home full-time may have to invest in home renovation. Changes can range from large to small, but there are many ways to make your home more conducive to life in the age of new normality’, regardless of your budget.

Compartmentalization Of Spaces

Open plan kitchens and shared spaces were all the rage prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, yet as many families had to adapt to using their home for school, work, and leisure purposes, the concept of compartmentalization and semi-open spaces has become more appealing. Changes that can serve to divide spaces into work, leisure, and study zones include the setting up of glass sliding doors, the use of ad hoc, movable space dividers, and the setting up of vertical ‘green’ walls between these zones. Half walls can also give home dwellers a sense of separation (and help them feel less distracted) without blocking out natural light or interfering too much with ventilation. 

Soundproofing Of Working Spaces

Whether your job or activity involves making sound or noise that can potentially bother others (think a musician, fitter, or even teaching tiny tots, who can be loud), soundproofing is a good way to keep noise to one specific room or area. Soundproofing can involve adding mass or density to walls, using a damping compound, or building floating floors/double walls/isolating layers. It can also involve specific or smaller changes such as switching to solid doors, installing door sweeps, and sealing holes in walls. 

Leisure Spaces

Investing in leisure spaces is always a good idea when you spend many hours at home. Online learning has really boomed during the pandemic, with many taking up online singing classes, yoga, fitness, and other recreational activities. Many are fine tuning musical and artistic skills with the help of coaches, attracted by the idea of being able to fit classes around their schedule instead of the other way around. If you have a spare room, consider turning it into a space for hobbies. Fit it with the equipment you need for your chosen activity, as well as storage furniture to ensure that each person in the home has their own space to keep their equipment and tools. Your hobby room should be located as far as possible from your home office or learning spaces, so you can sing loud, play the drums, or otherwise enjoy your hobby to full effect without a fear of distracting others.

Embracing Life Outside

Homes with gardens can benefit greatly from key renovations that turn terraces and pool areas into entertainment zones. A simple addition such as wood decking on the terrace, or the fitting of remote control sun shades, can make enjoying a meal outdoors far more appealing. Landscaping, too, can make the most of garden spaces through the addition of benches, outdoor bars, outdoor kitchens, or pizza ovens, and other features that can draw home dwellers outside. During the pandemic, many individuals have turned to nature to withstand stressful situations; more than ever, home dwellers will be looking towards the Great Outdoors as a healer and will seek to incorporate a greater degree of ‘green’ in their everyday lives.

It looks like remote work is here to stay, and this means that those who are able to do so are already considering renovating their homes in ways both small and large. Compartmentalization is one way to ensure that everyone who has to be at home has their own private oasis in which to work and play. Soundproofing of key areas can foster focus and privacy, while the embellishment of exteriors can ensure that homeowners spend at least a little time making the most of the green life every day.

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