Home Renovation: Designing a Living Room

Designing a living room can be difficult especially if you are trying to figure out a design that works with your personal needs and also reflects the latest design trends. Here are 3 tips to help you develop the perfect concept for your living room.

Colour Selection

When it comes to the colour scheme for the room, you need to consider the feeling that you are trying to emulate. Do you want to create a room that is warm and inviting or one that is dark and moody? If you are going for a warm and inviting look, lighter colours such as white, cream or even oranges and reds can help to create a more relaxed mood in the room. If you prefer a sophisticated look for your living room, then consider incorporating darker colours such as blue or black as well as metallic colours.


When it comes to furniture, you will want to make sure that you and your guests have a place to relax. If you are considering having large numbers of guests in your living room at any given time, then it might be a good idea to invest in a sectional sofa so that there will be plenty of room for everyone. You can also incorporate chairs if you need extra seating. If your living room will be a quiet place for you to relax, then a loveseat or sleeper sofa might be a good option so that you can just relax and fall asleep whenever you want to. Opt for upholstery that is made from leather or another highly durable material if you plan to use them on a regular basis so that they will last.

Floor Coverings

The right floor coverings for your living room will be determined by the amount of wear and tear that the room is likely to receive. If you anticipate high traffic, invest in durable carpets or even finished hardwood or concrete floors. Basically, the floor coverings that you select for a high traffic area should be easy to clean so that if spills occur, the floor will not be easily damaged. If you don't plan to use the room that often, you might prefer something more luxurious such as cowhide rugs or other custom made area rugs.

An interior designer can help you put together all of the details for your new home renovation. Click here to get help from an interior designer today.

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