Home Office/TV Den Combo: Contemporary Design Solutions


Sometimes, we all just demand too much of our living spaces, but it doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to reinvent them. After all, the most ingenious solutions come about when we are ‘boxed in’. For example, you may want to turn one room into a multi-purpose space that combines work-hard and party-hard modes, and it is actually easier than you might think. If you want to turn a room into a home office/TV den combo, here are contemporary design solutions for it.  

Ample storage is a solution to everything

Storage is answer number one to all of your space-related woes and a best solution for everything – especially multi-purpose rooms. Therefore, getting creative with storage and packing in as many convenient drawers and cabinets can turn your room into a true chameleon. For example, you can purchase two sets of cabinets that will be arranged on the opposite ends of the room. One can be dedicated to all things work related, and the other can be reserved for TV-den tech.

Stay modular all the way

The designated ‘central’ wall can be a place where your modular desk is placed. The best solution that is convenient for both worlds is a workstation that can either be lifted to work-desk height or lowered to coffee-table height. The area above the modular workstation can be reserved for a wall-mounted monitor that fulfills pretty much all purposes you can think of. In other words, let each of the present elements multitask!

One screen to rule them all

In order to get the best fusion out of your home office/TV den, you can use one screen for both purposes: as a large computer monitor and a movie-watching display. A bonus upside of this is that you will not strain your eyes as every singular letter will be blown up on the screen. The problem arises when you need to find the smartest way to minimize the presence of bulky entertainment-zone cases and equipment. They can hog the space and they are a nightmare to dust off and maintain.

If you are sick of constant fan replacement due to mind-numbing noise or irritating maintenance of the computer case, a compact fanless PC takes dust buildup out of the picture and you’ll never have to waste money on new fans again. Since these computers have such modest dimensions, you can easily purchase an additional one for a whole new set of purposes, and the arrangement of the room won’t suffer for it.

Clutter hacks

Of course, your walls are not an exclusive TV zone. In fact, since you’ll want to keep this room as clutter-free as possible, you should probably utilize the walls to the fullest – pack them from ground to ceiling with the aforementioned storage solutions or, at the very least, some additional shelving.

However, keep in mind that you’ll want a space that is as maintenance free as possible – and to this end, reduce exposed shelving units and surfaces as much as possible. Keep everything behind cupboard and cabinet doors as well as in the drawers, and use labels so you’ll always know where certain items go and where you should look for them.

Light it up

You can always turn off the lights once the movie begins playing on the big screen. There’s a chance your office/TV den hybrid does not get as much natural light as it should, simply because you’ll want a room that’s mostly covered in walls for practical purposes, so pack it with enough artificial light sources for when the room is in office mode. Multiple sources of lighting with some stylish lamps are the best way to go.

If your home is small, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t live large. It is only a question of how well thought-out your layout is. In today’s heavily urbanized society of stacked floors and cramped apartments, it is nigh impossible to have a room for everything, but you can turn one room into a chameleon with several purposes. With just a few swift adjustments, a home office can be turned into a TV den and vice versa in the blink of an eye. You just need a few tricks up your sleeve.  

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