Home Design 101: Luxurious Backyard Transformations

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Too many homeowners focus only on interior design when it comes to home renovations, and neglect their outdoor space entirely. Most yards never reach their full potential, and are instead left in disarray, or, best case scenario, with a neat but boring lawn. However, with just a little bit of imagination and effort, you can turn your boring yard into a personal oasis of beauty and calm. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for luxurious backyard transformations.

A bespoke pool

When it comes to luxurious backyards, a pool seems like pretty standard fare. However, no one said you have to go the standard, boring route. Make it your own, with an unusual shape, strategic lighting and premium materials like mosaic tile or natural stone. If you love romance, adding a grotto with atmospheric lighting is a wonderful way to create a private corner. Elements with moving water – such as fountains, showers, lazy rivers and water walls – can add a feeling of dynamics and fun, or serenity and calm, depending on their style and placement. When it comes to the area surrounding the pool, eco-friendly design based on natural materials have been the trendiest choice the past few years. Scandinavian-style wooden elements in browns, greys and whites are the most elegant choice.

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A relaxing spa

What a better way to unwind than a soothing soak in blissfully warm water under the starry sky? Turning your yard into a personal spa experience is one of the best investments you could make if you love pampering yourself (and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t?). Jacuzzi or a spa can look extremely classy too, with a gorgeous natural wood platform or pretty stone details. In homes with huge yards, a jacuzzi can be part of a larger complex of water features. But homes that have tiny yards can embrace the spa trend too. Even a stamp-sized yard can be turned into a retreat-like haven with a premium 2 person outdoor spa.

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A romantic fire pit

A fire pit is a wonderfully luxurious addition to any yard that will elevate your evenings spent outdoors. It’s an especially attractive feature for those who love entertaining and even dining in their garden. Paired with some gorgeous, weather-resistant furniture, it’s all you need to spend wonderful nights outside with your friends and family. A fire pit looks great, without a doubt, but it will also help keep you warm even when the night air turns a bit nippy. If you’re not short on space, you can even build an entire outdoor kitchen, complete with a stone barbecue, for family gatherings and parties with your friends. After all, a summer doesn’t feel complete unless you’ve tried a few delicious new barbie recipes.

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A lush garden

Nothing screams sophistication like a manicured garden. Depending on the amount of space at your disposal, as well as the amount of time you can spare for upkeep, there is a number of ways to transform your dull, barren yard into a green oasis. From the classic lawn and flowers, to a vegetable patch – anything goes. Orchards are very popular, because not only do they look beautiful – especially in the spring – but also because they present an opportunity to grow your own organic fruit. Don’t worry if all you’ve got is a patio, there are plenty of heat-resistant patio-friendly plants that look gorgeous and thrive in pots.

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Think of a beautiful, luxurious yard as the perfect accessory for your gorgeous house. Not only will it be a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors in the privacy of your own home, it will also, without a doubt, raise the value of your property.

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