Handy Ways to Improve Your Home in 2018


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Our darling new millennium is not a juvenile anymore. My God, they grow up so fast!

Jokes aside, this year has way too much to offer, especially when it comes to home improvement trends and methods. Here are the handiest improvements you can treat your home with this year.

Time to CLEAN

Home improvement is not just about installing new elements and renovating. It is also about getting your home in good shape.

First things first, you should check your roof and see if there’s any damage from the previous winter. If you find anything unusual, take care of it instantly. Don’t delay this because it will only get worse and cost you a lot more in the end, and let’s not mention all the possible troubles that may occur such as attic and ceiling damage, mold and mildew issues (and health problems that come along), higher utility bills due to wasted energy etc.

After the roof is done, clean all your gutters. Why? Because clogged gutters can expose your home to dangerous water damage that you won’t notice until it is too late.

And since summer has arrived and you’ll be using your air conditioner daily, make sure you clean and replace HVAC filters. This has to be done at least twice a year, unless you want the system to work much harder and drain your wallet. Also, clean your dryer vent to save money and remove a potential fire hazard.

Clean all the outside surfaces such as decks, fences and driveways, clean and repair al the screens, fix all the cracks on your driveway, walks and other external places, repair cracked paint and prepare your lawn for summer. Check if your doors and windows are well-sealed and clear all the vegetation around your AC compressor.  

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Wood floors

Love it or loathe it, wood floors have made a huge comeback. And if you were thinking about upgrading your old floors, now is your chance.

You have countless options to choose from, but this season the main focus is on: gray wood, herringbone parquet and distressed flooring.

If you want to embrace that Parisian culture, go with traditional, light colored parquet with either herringbone or chevron design. On the other hand, if your home isn’t well-lit, go with gray wood because it will add a luxe and bright appeal to the space.

Finally, if you want a rustic look, go with distressed floors.

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Bright colors

This year, Pantone surprised us all with a new color of the year – Ultraviolet. And even though earthy tones are still our all-time favorite, jewel tones made quite a breakthrough. Everywhere you look you will soon be seeing emerald green, amethyst, sapphire, ruby etc.

These colors are a true representation of ingenuity, originality and visionary thinking, and that is something we all need right now.

P.S. rose gold is officially over, instead, real gold and brass are back in the game.

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Pay attention to curb appeal

It is not just the interior that counts. Your home’s curb appeal also has a major role in your home’s overall appearance (logically). Replace those old garage doors, as well as old, dingy house numbers and that rusty mailbox. Consider installing those cool high-quality sliding doors instead of your old, boring ones and illuminate your front yard. If you have a bigger budget, you can also consider putting a new façade. All this will both boost your home’s appearance and its market value, which is quite important.

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Coziness is a must

Since your lives are quite fast these days, modern home improvement is currently all about increasing the coziness factor of homes. Reading nooks, light room dividers, plush beddings and pillows – all that. Your home should be the place where you can relax, unwind and forget about that busy and stressful day you had. Take your time to turn as many areas of your home as possible into cool and relaxing micro zones you will love and enjoy.

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Natural stone and leather

When it comes to stone, have in mind that granite, marble and pebbles continue to rule the trend kingdom. Opt for geometrical prints or carved designs.

When it comes to leather on the other hand, let me tell you you’ll no longer be seeing it just on sofas and chaise lounges. There are now things like leather wall artworks, as well as leather flowers and many other forms of accents and decorations. When it comes to color, grey leather has been replaced with chocolate brown – which is now the ultimate neutral color.

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Dark wood, bright lights, cork

Dark wood will give any space a luxe feel and that feel can be balanced and toned down with the help of cork in form of accents such as cabinets and doors. However, when you decide to crowd a room with textiles, wood, cork etc., in order to make it as effective as possible, you will have to invest in bright lighting. Otherwise, it will look too sharp and dark.

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Flowers are replacing word art

Say goodbye to painfully overused quotes on walls such as “Live, laugh, love” and welcome florals into your home. Wallpapers, pillows, blankets – all that. You can even, check this out, put REAL flowers in a vase in your home. Crazy right?

No matter which options you choose, always have in mind that the most important thing is that you are feeling totally comfortable in your home. If you have some more ideas, share them in comment section below.

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