Glam Guide: Decor Ideas for an Ultra-Chic Home


If you want your home to be the embodiment of luxury and elegance, maybe you should consider adding some glam to it. However, before you do, you need to set the right tone to your home décor, since more often than not, glam requires to understate some parts of your living space in order to overstate others. Plus, it encourages you to breathe some of your own personality into everything you do, so here are some tips for turning your home into an ultra-chic one.

Make the background neutral

The very foundation of every glam home lies in its basic colors, which are always in neutral hues. They are the ones which allow the space to be inviting and pleasant to the eye, while not actually drawing any attention to themselves. Various shades of gray, white, tan or cream will set a great scenery for anything else you want to introduce to your living space. This means that, once you add some accent colors to the room, you want the background to work perfectly with it. And these neutral tones do just that. They function well with any other color and give you the opportunity to be creative and express yourself through accent color splashes, whether they’re blush pink, lime green or smooth black.

Get some glitter

Although glam décor rests on its neutral backdrop, what really represents it are shimmer, glitter and shine, but always in the right amount. For example, you should be careful with the use of mirrored furniture as accent. Although it is a great way to add some glam to the room, too much of it may make your interior seem cheap and even vulgar. On the other hand, metallic details can be used in abundance without the place becoming tacky, so don’t hesitate choosing furniture with metal in its structure or even in its surfaces. Gold and silver decorative details, like picture or mirror frames and even statement walls are also something to consider. You can even infuse your home with some disco spirit by adding a small sparkling accent wall, but make sure that the rest of the room décor is minimalist and that there aren’t any other accents in there.

Add the right piece of furniture

There is something to be said about an iconic piece of furniture. Find the right one and you’ll instantly add glamour to any room. For example, an American mid-century metal and glass dining table for your dining room, or a 20th century avant-garde chaise longue for a nice reading corner near one of your windows will do the trick. And since at least one piece of upholstered furniture is a must when it comes to glam décor, a beautiful egg chair and a matching ottoman will bring some life into your living space, also allowing you to rest comfortably while having your morning cup of coffee or an afternoon chat with your family. And even though all of this sounds expensive, there’s no need to spend fortune on originals, since there are some great-looking replicas which will serve their purpose perfectly. And if your furniture is in neutral tones that match your walls, make sure you get some cushions and throws for a touch of color and texture.

Glam up your lighting

Lighting has several purposes in glam décor. Of course, its primary purpose is to make your living space bright enough for you to function normally. However, it also has a decorative purpose, meaning that you should choose your lighting fixtures very carefully. Another purpose it has is to further emphasize accent pieces and to add some more appeal to various reflective surfaces in your home. So, for your living room, dining room and even your master bedroom you can get a chandelier, a crystal one with plenty of prisms in all shapes and sizes if possible. If you prefer scones, they are also a welcome addition and are a great way to draw attention to a mirror, bed or a fireplace they’re framing. As far as table lamps are concerned, they can be as big and as glamorous as you desire and they can provide your space with that little bit of much-needed extra light.

Tuning up the glam in your home is nothing difficult. Everything you need is easily attainable and quite affordable, so it finally comes down to your own creativity and the good advice from this article.

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