Getting Your House Ready for Summer: A Guide


As summer is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start prepping your interior and exterior for the sunny season. Your goal should be to make your home appear cool, light and comfortable once temperatures start to rise.

If you are unsure how to prep your property in time for the warmer weather, check out the following advice on how to get your house ready for summer.

Wash Your Windows

Allow natural sunlight to shine into your home by thoroughly washing your windows. To do so, mix one-part distilled vinegar with one-part hot water, then grab a cloth and wipe a window from the top downwards. It’s also smart to do so when there is no glare from the sun for a streak-free finish.

Check the Window Sealant

After you have spruced up the panes, review the windows for water damage or dry rot, which might have been caused by melted snow or ice during winter. Also, review the window seal. If damaged, you’ll need to re-caulk the windows, which can prevent cool air from escaping and can keep warm air at bay during summer.

Prep Your Garden Tools

As you will more than likely want to spend a considerable amount of time in your garden once the sun starts to shine, it’s wise to check your outdoor tools at the start of spring to ensure they’re ready to tackle various tasks. For example, check your lawnmower and strimmer are in good working order.

Also, review your hand tools, which you might have forgotten to clean last season. Take the time to wash any dirt from your rakes, shears, shovels and pruning tools, and replace any objects that are damaged or have rusted.

Install a Water Fountain

If you want to enjoy the relaxing sound of a water feature this summer, find the right design for your outdoor space at Water Garden, such as a dancing feature or a pond-less fountain. Once the sun starts to shine, you can grab a good book and a cold drink before enjoying the soothing trickle of water, which can drown out any noise.

Inspect Your Exterior

Unfortunately, a harsh winter might have taken its toll on your property’s exterior, which you might need to repair immediately to avoid further damage.

To ensure you enjoy a stress-free summer, review your roof to fix any missing, cracked or misaligned shingles, which can prevent water from seeping into your home.

You also should clear your gutters of leaves and debris, and you might need to give your exterior a fresh coat of paint.

Spruce Up Your Garden Furniture

Ensure your garden appears both beautiful and inviting this summer by sprucing up your exterior. For example, wash your outdoor furniture down with a hose and replace tired or damaged cushions.

If your garden features a fun children’s play area, inspect all playground equipment and outdoor toys for rust, wear and tear, or sharp edges. You also should rake away any old leaves or debris in the garden to create a clean space the whole family can enjoy.

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