Garden Designs and Ideas you should Copy


Your garden is the place where you go to when you need relaxation, reflection or solitude. Its greenery and charming flowers bring us the much-needed peace and deep pleasure.

Ways of designing your garden are numerous. People in different countries have their recognizable style of designing their gardens. It would be a shame for you not to use some of those ideas for organizing and decorating your garden.

So, here are some designing ideas that could appeal to you and become the comprising element of your private retreat:

1. Have an entrance

If possible, install an entrance into the garden made of bamboo, just like the Japanese do. A bamboo fence will protect you and the garden from the outside looks and ensure your privacy and comfortability.

2. Help the wildlife

There's nothing better than sitting in your garden, listening to the chirping of birds and humming of bees. Still, if you want to encourage the wildlife in your garden, you should do a couple of things. First, have both seed-producing and berry-bearing plants. Secondly, avoid using insecticides, as they tend to harm both good and bad pests.  And thirdly, think about replacing a part of your lawn, if not all of it.

3. Plant a climber plant

The less you see the reminders of the outside world, the better. Climbers are excellent for covering the wall or for decorating a side of your home. Bougainvillea is a great choice for this. Make sure you plant some bush-like plants around the climber to frame the part of the plant closer to the ground.

4. Experiment with plants

It's your garden, so you can plant whatever you want to. Don't hesitate to try out unusual plants. You can grow unusual edibles, for example, cucamelons, which taste something like cucumbers, but look like watermelons, even though they're the size of grapes. You can swap with other people willing to experiment with plants - the network for this is big, just do some research on it. This way, your garden party would be that much more fun if your guests taste unusual edibles from your garden.

5. Create some mystery

One of the key features of a Japanese garden is the sense of mystery that winding paths create. By making vignettes in the garden, you will make the viewer want to see what's around the corner. It's interesting when the garden is arranged in such a way that not everything can be seen at once.

6. Work on some craftsmanship

Building a cute pavilion in the garden provides that little spot in the garden from where you can admire the greenery and entertain guests. Another nice option, as Aspect Shade systems frequently provide, is to put arbors and pergolas so that climbing plants can use them. Having an entertaining spot in the garden, which you can shape the way you need it, adds to the magic of the garden.

7. Ensuring winter landscape

When winter comes, it doesn't have to mean that you will be forced to look at an empty garden with only bare tree branches. There are plants you can grow that can give color to the garden even in the winter. For instance, the silver-white bark of Betula and Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’ give those red and pink shades in contrast to the grey winter weather. It's also important to have low-growing plants that spread across the ground like carpet, so it doesn't look barren.

In short, to ensure a beautiful view from your window of the garden during winter, plant trees with colorful bark and evergreens that can change color in winter. And of course, plant some early bloomer flowers which will show its full beauty in the late winter.

8. Form structure from plants

Trees can be shaped to create a natural architectural impression. You just need to be skillful with specific scissors or garden pruners to prune the trees the way you want. The Japanese maple, for example, is very easy to shape into an interesting form.

9. A little pond

The garden is not complete if there isn't a small pond for the birds to gather and for a visitor to enjoy their reflection in the water. You can decorate it with a stone pagoda lantern or a fountain, and frame it with rocks covered with moss.

Final recommendation

Whichever idea here you choose to use, the important thing is to really enjoy the process of creating and decorating your little haven. Don’t do anything you think will take too much of your time or something you won’t actually enjoy having. Follow your own feelings and you will surely design a garden according to your every need.

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