Fun garden projects that involve the whole family


Though gardening may seem like something you do by yourself to feel closer your nature and get away from your daily life, it can also be something you enjoy with your kids. Gardening can teach you to appreciate life as a family and bring you closer. It’s also a great way to teach your children some responsibility as well as independence. After all, they’re discovering a whole new part of the world, and it’s your job to introduce them to it the right way. You can start with fun projects.

1. The family tree

A wonderful way to create a growing and lasting connection between your child and nature is to plant a family tree. They’ll mature together, but the child will always have a fond memory and positive feeling towards the tree. You can view the family tree as a gift. Your family, but many others down the line, will be able to enjoy the summer shade and springtime blossoming together each year.

A sunny afternoon is an ideal time to take your child outside and start planting your tree. You can scout the land with them and let them participate in the decision of where to plant the tree to deepen the connection. Over the years, the tree will become a symbol of your family, and as it grows, so will the love you have for one another.

2. A fairy garden

Does your child like fairytales and fairies especially? You can show them these cute little creatures aren’t just a part of their imagination. Create a whole different magical world inside with them by starting your own fairy garden. You can have a designated gardening area inside where you’ll plant colourful flowers and let your children bring the magic to life.

The potted plants will make good grounds for a fairy village, while you’ll be able to arrange the pots any way you want. The garden should be complete with furniture and fairylike details, too. This might be the most fun part of the project for kids as they’ll get to dabble with arts and crafts. Spend the whole weekend making something together, then let their imagination take over when it’s time to decorate the village. The best part is that they’ll always have something to play with and add to, regardless of the weather outside.

Also, it’s important to protect your family from those strong sunrays, the smartest thing to do is to create a beautiful retractable roof system in it.

3. A mudpie

We all remember how much fun making mudpies was when we were children. You can relive this experience alongside your child by making one together. As well as a fun afternoon activity, this can also be the perfect opportunity to teach your child about soil and gardening. Kids have plenty of interesting questions, and they’ll surely be wondering why soil is soil. By having the right answer, you’ll enhance their experience and create a whole new picture of the world.

Explain that soil is actually mineral particles derived from ancient rocks, and turn your little champ into a real scientist. Explore the nature of soil together with mudpies by testing if the soil feels gritty between your fingers or more like dry flour. Then discover that by getting it wet and creating clumps, you can even see the particles anymore!

4. A carnivorous garden

You can introduce your children to something entirely new by building a small carnivorous garden together. All you need is a couple of medium-sized and sturdy potplants and you’ll be on your way. If you’re just getting your kids into gardening, starting a small garden like this can teach them plants are living creatures, too.

It’s generally hard for children to understand this since they tend to perceive plants as inanimate objects when they’re really young. Letting them see plants in action will definitely get them into gardening more and show them nature in a whole other light. You can plant a Venus flytrap, pitcher plants, and sundew. You can let your child take care of the garden while supervising them to make sure they don’t hurt themselves or the plants. If done right, this can turn out to be an amazingly fulfilling project for both of you.

5. Make birdfeeders

Birds are a welcome sight to any garden, and an ideal way to introduce your kids to animals as well as plants. They also help your garden by eating any pests and wake you up with the sweetest chirps. Let’s not forget the amazing feeling of seeing a wild bird trust you enough to eat out of your birdfeeder. Your child will feel more one with nature when it gets to feed and help it.

You can make birdfeeders from old plastic bottles and thus teach your kid about recycling, too. It’s a simple and cute project which can bring you hours of fun and bonding with each other and nature. You’ll know you’ve done a good job by the bright smile on their face every time they look outside.​


As you can see, there are many gardening projects which your family will enjoy. You can use them to send a message about love, life, and happiness to them. It will surely be one of the best activities you’ll do together, and they’re bound to remember the lessons as much as the laughs long into their adulthood. Hopefully, you’ll be enjoying the comfort of your garden together very soon.


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