Five Renovations That Will Add Value to Your Home


Do you want to increase the equity in your home? Do you want to stay on top of upgrades in case you decide to sell your house at some point? We talk about five ways you can make your home look better and boost the worth of your property at the same time. If you choose to sell, then these projects can help you get the most money on the sale.

Do a minor bathroom remodel

HGTV tells web browsers they can get back more than a 100 percent return when upgrading the bathroom. Some ideas include painting the bathroom a neutral tone, re-glazing the bathtub and adding new caulk, and replacing the shower doors. For a complete, but still minor remodel, you can replace the tub, shower, toilet, vanity, faucets, lighting, and shower walls for a little over $10,000, and still expect to get more than that back on the sale.

Update the kitchen

If selling your house is in the immediate future, then spending upgrade dollars in the kitchen is an excellent idea. HomeAdvisor says to research comparable homes for sale in the area to see if the kitchens have granite or marble countertops when you want to update your kitchen. You can look at flooring options, adding a window above the sink, installing patio doors, or putting in new stainless steel appliances to see which upgrades are worthy of your local real estate market.

Finish the basement

Home builders Tampa suggest adding space to your home by drying in the basement. You can create an office space, a family room, extra storage, a movie theater, or a game room in your new area. Adding bedrooms to the lower level is tricky because egress windows are necessary for basement living. This upgrade may or may not be worth the investment unless you plan to market your property for lower-level rentals. Your custom builder can help you find out the code requirements and compare the price versus the potential income to see if this update is worth your time and money.

Refresh the landscaping

Nothing devalues your house as much as a flowerbed full of weeds, scraggly looking trees, and overgrown bushes. Broken windows, cracked sidewalks, and sagging gutters make your house look like no one takes care of it. To add value to your house, the outside should look as good as the inside. Refreshing the paint and repairing any trip hazards and unsightly exterior issues will help your home retain value. To keep your house ready to sell if you are going on the market, then a regular visit from the landscape experts is a good idea. Fresh pots of flowers, a bright coat of paint on the door and mailbox, and big, bold house numbers also add value.

Get a new garage door

When updating exterior areas, do not forget the garage. Money says you get back more than 98 percent of the cost of installing a new garage door when you sell your house. New doors signal safety and longevity. The new homeowner knows he or she will not need to worry about the garage for some time after buying your house. The new door can help you create a cohesive, new design if you are staying put, and it will still add value to your property. Your insurance company may even lower your rate because you upgraded a safety feature. You can ask your agent if the company offers discounts for new garage doors.

Even though these five upgrades are minor, they will still make a huge impact on the design of your home. Your house value will improve with these changes, and should you sell, you can recoup most, if not all, of your investment. The best part is that you get to enjoy all the benefits of the upgrade whether or not you move.

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