Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas

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Even though some people would say that their kitchen is the most important room in their home, we can freely say that we don’t think so. In our humble opinion, the bathroom is actually the most important room in any home simply because this is the place where you can completely relax and let go of your everyday worries. So, if you want to remodel or redecorate your bathroom and transform it into a beautiful farmhouse oasis, just keep on reading. Here are six design and décor ideas you should bear in mind, so check them out and enjoy!

Get crafty with rustic DIY bathroom vanity

Transforming your ordinary bathroom into farmhouse heaven isn’t as tricky as it sounds – especially if you’re one of those people who are very much into DIY. If that’s the case with you, put your crafting skills to good use and design a rustic bathroom vanity that will perfectly complement your small guest bathroom. Of course, following a step-by-step tutorial is highly required if you want to get it right, so don’t skip it and build this simple yet effective vanity in almost no time!

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Sliding barn door for the master bathroom? Sure, why not!

On the other hand, if you want to add a touch of farmhouse rustic style to your home, you should definitely improve the bathroom design. You can do it by installing a brand new door. The outstanding sliding barn door, to be more precise! That’s right, this unusual type of door will take your home décor to a whole new level thanks to its authenticity and rustic appearance, so pick the sliding door in a neutral color and you won’t make a mistake. These will flawlessly match the wood floors and other wood accents in your bathroom, so you surely won’t go wrong if you decide to give them a try!

Design a cool concrete farmhouse bathroom countertop

However, if you’re more about rougher design ideas that feature materials such as concrete, you’ll be thrilled to hear about this amazing DIY concrete bathroom countertop! The best thing about it is the fact that you can make it on your own, which means that it’s a fairly simple project that can be done in a relatively short period of time. This concrete feature will be a fantastic addition to your rustic farmhouse bathroom, so the only thing left is to choose the best tapware for your upgraded bathroom and voila – you’re all done and good to go!

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Decorate with a vintage crate and mason jar vases…

No bathroom design can ever be complete without decoration that perfectly matches the overall décor, so make sure to bear that in mind as well. So, if you want to transform your bathroom into farmhouse heaven, the first thing you’ll need is a vintage crate and several mason jars. The crate shouldn’t be too big – but big enough to hold three or four mason jars that will be transformed into rustic vases. Of course, you can always upcycle an old crate and give it a new life by adding a fresh coat of paint and decorating it with nice paper napkins that impeccably fit into your bathroom design. Once your crate is all done, all you need to do is to decorate mason jars with cute ribbons, add some freshly picked flowers to them, place the jars into the crate, and find them a place in your bathroom!

… As well as with DIY mason jar light fixtures

On the other hand, if you love to see unusual light fixtures but you’ve never had the courage to craft one on your own – it’s about time you finally did it! We must say that designing a rustic mason jar chandelier has never been simpler, but you’ll have to follow a tutorial to ensure that you’re doing everything right. However, if you aren’t that skillful when it comes to crafting and DIY projects, you can always find a cool mason jar light fixture either online or in a local store that sells these. One thing is certain – it will inevitably add a touch of vintage farmhouse to your bathroom, so give it a fair shot and you won’t regret it!

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Don’t forget a nice wood bucket toilet paper holder

Last but certainly not least, a toilet paper holder is something every bathroom needs, right? Well, if you’re done with those simple and boring holders that don’t do much for your bathroom décor anyway, you should ditch them and find a unique toilet paper holder that will catch everyone’s attention. For example, a wood bucket that features metal details is a perfect storage spot for extra toilet paper, so don’t wait any longer and get one for your bathroom. Besides that, it can also be used for storing accessories such as extra bottles of shower gel, clean hand towels, and other similar stuff, so make it a legitimate part of your bathroom décor and we’re sure that you’ll love it!

As you can see, there are so many beautiful farmhouse bathroom design and décor ideas you should take into consideration, but these six undoubtedly are the best ones out there. So, if you want to remodel or redecorate your bathroom, make sure to bear our tips and hacks in mind before you start. Our guidelines will help you accomplish your goal and transform your bathroom into a farmhouse oasis, so stick to them no matter what and you’ll see a fantastic improvement. That’s a promise!

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