Everything You Need to Know About Popular Roofing Materials


A roofing company in Mansfield TX says, when it comes to selecting the right roof, you may not know where to begin: there are multiple options available, but how will you know which is the right one for your home? If you’ve been looking for a starting point for your roof remodeling project, consider this one: thoroughly research a handful of traditional and nontraditional roofing options, for doing so will give you the knowledge necessary to proceed forward. And if you’ve been looking for information, here is a great place to start! This article will outline essential information regarding what building materials are popular and why. Once you’ve reached its conclusion, you’ll have a better idea of what materials may be best for your home’s roof.


Slate shingles are a popular option for individuals who consider durability to be a paramount facet in their roof. Slate roofs can last well over 50 years and are built to withstand even the most adverse weather. These roofs are popular in the Northeast region of America and other areas where snowfall is frequent. Lastly, slate roofs can come in a variety of colors (green, grey, black, and red), which means your house could potentially stand out from the rest of your neighbors (if such is what you’re looking for).

The downsides regarding slate roofs are that they’re expensive and difficult to maintain. In some instances, these roofs can be over double what a metal roof costs, and finding a roofer who specializes in this material is not always easy and almost always expensive. If these things are of little concern, then consider installing a slate roof!


Roofs made of wood are aesthetically pleasing and worth the cost. Unlike other materials used for roof construction, wood can withstand heavy weather: hail and similar things will never put a hole in your this kind of roof. In addition, these roofs often have a lifespan that goes between 30 and 50 years.

There are some major concerns regarding a wood roof, the most significant being flammability. If you’re someone who lives in an area where forest fires are common, then it’s best if you stay away from a wood roof. Additionally, high cost and difficult maintenance are two things that deter people from installing a wood roof.


Tile roofs are great for individuals who love style and durability. In many cases, the tiles used to construct these roofs are molded into different shapes and colors, which means they’re great for people who like uniqueness and perfection. Additionally, most tile roofs can last up to 80 years.

These roofs are not cheap, that’s for sure. However, they’re a great option for people who value their home’s appearance, regardless of what the costs of maintaining such an appearance might be.


You’re not going to find a more affordable roofing material than asphalt, and such is why it’s so popular. Moreover, finding a roofer to work on asphalt is a walk in the park, and this is because the material is so widely accessible. Asphalt roofs do have a shorter lifespan than the materials discussed above, though, and they’re not good for homes located in places where temperature fluctuations are significant. Also, asphalt works best with gutters as well.

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