6 Essential Tips For Selling A House As-Is


Maximizing Property Value

If you’re going to get the most for your home in a selling situation where you’ve got to get a sub-par property sold fast, there are a few things you’ll want to do. First, understand that this route will likely cut you out of a few thousand dollars’ profit. Still, there are collateral benefits. You’ll likely sell the home quicker, and the quicker the better on such property.

A fixer-upper can cost anywhere from a few thousand to get “ship-shape” to enough of an investment you might as well buy a separate property that isn’t so old. With this in mind, following are six tips worth considering as you go about selling a property “AS-IS”.

1. Get The Home Inspected Prior Your Listing

You need to know what sort of issues your property does or doesn’t have. Selling a property that has inhering structural issues could get you in trouble with the law, if it’s found that you’ve misrepresented yourself to a prospective buyer. When your property is inspected, you know what the real issues are, and can be sure that it’s salable.

2. Get Estimates From Contractors—Get A Few

Once you’ve gotten your property inspected, the next step is to acquire a few estimates. Don’t just get one estimate. Contractors tend to know their work well, but each contractor has his or her own ideas pertaining to value. Whenever you’re getting estimates on anything, your best bet is to get a few and split the difference.

3. List Higher Than You Expect The House To Sell For

If you’re going to sell a house AS-IS, it’s important to put in the proper footwork before listing it to get the best price. If you’re in this position, the odds are that you’ve made it there because you’ve got to move that property quickly, come what may. This means you’re likely not going to be in a spot to insist on a price with any conviction.

That said, if you know that potential buyers are going to try and talk you down, you can anticipate this and list the property higher than what you expect to get with it, under the full expectation of being “talked down”.


4. Fix What You Can, And Clean Things Up

Refurbishment and repair may not require total remodeling to increase property value or salability. Sweep all the floors, throw on a few licks of paint, mow the lawn, clean out the attic, fix any basic “honey-do’s”, and get the home looking as nice as you can before you go for the “AS-IS” listing.

5. Determine If Measures To Buff-Up Pricing Are Worthwhile

Sometimes you can pump a few grands into your profit with a few quick little upgrades. A DIY deck can take time, but there are some options you can just buy for a few bucks, fix up with some paint, drive over to your backyard in a pickup truck, and for lack of a better word, “install”. Additionally, you might look into solar energy options.

A 3.1 kWh solar energy system will cost about $100 per 100-Watt panel, which is $3,100. Cables, batteries, surge controllers, and power inverters will probably run you around $1,900 extra. The installation itself will take a week to a weekend. The payoff? You’ll see between $10k and $20k in additional value for your property, and you can get a tax credit.


6. Be Straightforward, And As Flexible As It’s Feasible To Be

If you’ve got a solar energy system you can list the property higher, referencing utility bill savings and off-grid capability to clinch it. Still, don’t be “sneaky”. Tell prospective buyers what the issues are. A compromise isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re looking to move the property quickly. Be as flexible as possible without transgressing bottom-line limits.

Getting The Best For Your AS-IS Property

The more flexible you are, the more quickly you’ll be able to move your property; but do this reasonably. Don’t bend over backwards for nothing! Additionally, a few last minute augmentations can add thousands to your list price.

Be sure to fix everything up as you can, use a strategic list price and plan on having to bargain, get a home inspection, and get realistic estimates. Follow these steps, and you’ll go into an AS-IS selling situation armed with the most relevant knowledge. 

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