Embrace an Eco-Friendly Home and Save Big


We live in a society where the environment is messed up and in dire need for an eco-friendly change. Trash and pollution are increasing daily but trying to go greener are quite daunting for many people. However, you can start right from your house and make eco-friendly environmental changes that will enable you to save big and live better. Creating eco-friendly home environment leads to saving the planet and your wallet. And here are how to make your house more eco-friendly while saving money

Swap your Bulbs with LED lights

The old-fashioned incandescent lights consume over 90% of the energy heat. Using the modern types of light bulbs like the LED bulbs and compact fluorescent can dramatically help to save your light energy consumption.

In most cases, buy the light saving energy and replace them with your light bulbs. The compact fluorescent bulbs are sold in supermarkets, and they look like a small shaped coil. They last over ten times the regular light bulbs, and they are a bit expensive, but they reduce your electricity bill.

LED bulbs are super cool to touch, and they last over 35years longer than the standard incandescent bulbs. They are a bit expensive, but six pieces of LED lights may last almost 13 years making them affordable.

Practice Green Laundry Habits

There are various ways of saving money by embracing eco-friendly laundry. Consider implementing these green habits:

• Washing in cold water

• Using less detergent

• Line-drying your clothes

• Skip using fabric softeners

• Replace your old washer

• Run your full washer loads and keeps your dryer lint traps clean

Reduce Water Usage

Using low-flow showerheads helps to reduce the pressure of water coming from shower heads significantly.

Compost Kitchen Scraps

We throw many kitchen scraps instead of making the compost. Fruits, coffee grounds, eggshells, vegetable peels, paper towels, and napkins should be recycled to make compost that is great for gardens. Keeping your kitchen scraps away from landfills helps to save the environment. Also, it reduces building up of methane gas that plays a significant role in global warming. Decomposing your trash on plastic trash bags helps to reduce waste in landfills.

Insulate Water Pipes Heaters

Water heater and pipe insulation blankets help the healing process to work less hence saving on electricity bills.

Keep the Fridge Coils Clean

Keep on cleaning your underside and back of your fridge to keep dust off and keep it running efficiently.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Connecting your home with a programmable thermostat helps to monitor the house temperature keeping it colder or warmer in your absence. Using the proper thermostat helps to save lots of dollars per year.

Replace Old Appliances

Your old appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, and stoves waste energy. Replacing such devices with newer energy qualified products ensure less usage of electricity. Your traditional toilets may use tons of water to flush hence creating lots of wasters. Look for the eco-friendly low-flow toilets with Water Sense labels. Such toilets use around 20% less of water flushed than 70% of the standard washrooms.

Install Cool Roofs

You can opt to install cool roof solar panels that reflect the sunlight. This will not only help you with your energy bill, but it will also extend the life of your roof. You can also, run solar energy for heating your pool water.

Insulate your Basement and Attic

Most homes waste lots of energy through the basements and attic. Installing insulation in such areas helps to reduce the home energy consumption saving you tons of dollars. Using the GreenFiber insulators made from the shredded and recycled newspapers is cheaper and environmentally friendly.

Embrace Eco-Friendly Paints

The traditional paints do contain volatile organic compounds that damage the walls. The VOCs also continue being emitted into through the walls to your home atmosphere. Always embrace the use of water-borne and plant-based paints.

Going greener helps you to enjoy a safe and fresh environment. Embrace the above points and keep your home eco-friendly and unique.

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