Double Glazed Doors and Windows: Principal Benefits


Whether you’re building your dream home or simply undertaking a renovation project, the installation of double glazed doors and windows is seriously worth considering. They have been popular for a long time in cooler climates, but they have now been recognised as a major asset in warm regions as well.

The advantages of double glazed doors and windows shouldn’t be underestimated, as they are not only limited to improving energy efficiency, but they also greatly contribute to your home’s value, security and reliability. Here are the principal benefits of installing this type of windows and doors.

What exactly is double glazing?

Double glazing is a form of insulation that utilizes double glass panels instead of just one for your doors and windows. This enables the creation of a gap between the panes that significantly contributes to the reduction of noise and heat loss. In more cost effective models, the gap is filled by air only, but in products of higher quality, argon gas is used to fill the gap, providing superior performance.

Lower energy bills

Since this type of retrofitting does call for quite an investment upfront, the principal benefit to have in mind is the long-term reduction of your energy bills. These windows and doors have a significant impact on heat loss/gain as they act as a thermal barrier between the indoors and the outdoors. They act as an effective layer of insulation and regulate your indoor temperature more steadily. Research shows that an average home can lose up to 40% and gain up to 87% of heat through the windows only, so in this way, you will significantly cut your losses and costs.

Thermal efficiency

Improved thermal efficiency is an important topic, as it’s directly linked to your indoor comfort all year round regardless of the type of climate you’re living in. These doors and windows will block the heat in hot summer months and retain the warmth inside your home during the winter season, If you install double glazed windows in Canberra, for instance, where mostly, dry continental climate is characterised by hot summers and extremely cold winters, you’ll make your home comfortable and cosy throughout the year.


Another great advantage of double glazing is that your home will be quieter. All the outside noise coming from vehicles, airplanes, barking dogs, night clubs, loud air conditioners and lawn mowers will be reduced to a minimum and you’ll be able to enjoy you peace and quiet. Depending on the insulated glazing you pick, you’ll have 20% to 70% less noise in your home.

Improved security

The security of your home will be additionally improved with the installation of two pane doors and windows, as they offer higher protection with enhanced UPVC framing and multi-point lock technology that can discourage potential burglars.

Reduced condensation

Condensation is one of the principal culprits of moisture damage on walls, carpets and window frames. It occurs when the moist air from indoors comes in contact with a colder surface, such as a single-glazed window. The water will then trickle down and cause damage. With double-glazed products, the likelihood of condensation is reduced by removing the key cause – a cold window. Due to the existence of dual panes and the gas between them, the interior glass pane remains close to room temperature, eliminating dampness and reducing the risk of condensation.

As statistics show, in the current climate, new homebuyers are looking to move into properties that are already equipped with double glazed doors and windows. Therefore, by investing in them, you will greatly improve not only the resale chances of your home but also its aesthetics, adding significant value to it that will put you far ahead of the competition. With these advantages and the fact that your life in your home will be far more efficient, pleasant and comfortable, the time and money invested is well worth it.

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