DIY Decorating Ideas for the Living Room


The way you design your living room says a lot about your personality. Actually, the living room is an extension of your personality. If your decor is simple, then you may be simple in real life and if your decor is contemporary or modern, then you may be likely to follow trends. There are so many DIY ideas that you can use for your living room if you want to save on your decorating costs.

From DIY lights to tables, there are so many options available. Fairy lights in the corner of your living room can make your room glow. Battery operated fairy lights in Singapore can make your room look brighter. Here are some DIY decorating ideas for you, read on.

1. Curtain detailing

Add that extra beauty to your curtains by adding solid panels at the end and beginning of your living room curtains. You can also personalize the curtains depending on the decor or color of the room. Adding an extra detail will surely make a difference in the décor of your room to make it look amazing.

2. Photo Collages

A great way to display your memories and feel good about it! A simple photo collage or picture collage can make your room look good. You just have to collect your favorite pictures and place them on the photo collage board in your living room. Make a personalized collage for giving your living room a simple DIY makeover. Hang the collage behind your sofa wall to give your room a bigger look.

3. Place lights

Lights not only help to change your room decor but also make you feel lively. There are many DIY lighting options available today. Battery operated fairy lights in Singapore can enhance the beauty of your living room. You can also place LED lights in a mason jar and keep it at the corner of your living room for that glow effect.

4. Place art

Simple or contemporary art pieces can make your living room look amazing. If you are creative, then you can make many DIY art pieces. What you make with love will surely add to the beauty of your room. Placing the art pieces in a corner of your room or simply hanging the art pieces on the living room wall will make a huge difference in your room decor. Even small living rooms can look bigger by doing this.

5. Window seating and cushions

You can make that extra space in your living room window by placing cushions and mattresses; this will also enhance the look of your room. Simple handmade cushions can also add a new spark to your room. Keep changing your cushion designs and make your living room stand out.

6. DIY wall art

Nothing looks amazing as a DIY wall art. Show your creativity and paint your wall according to your wish. Like, if you like quotations, you can use them for your wall with stencil technique. Simply paint the wall with different colors and designs to make your living room look brighter and better.

There are many DIY ideas to decorate your living room in a cost-effective way. Be creative and make a difference in your room décor. Get ready to receive lots of compliments from your guests as well.

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