Designing Your Home With Industrial Style

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Industrial style has become an exciting trend of modern design. If you are wondering how to incorporate the right elements in your home in order to achieve this design style, there is no need to worry. Here is a guide to designing your home with industrial style so that you can successfully implement this trend in your home.

Don't Be Afraid to Incorporate Texture

Industrial interior design at its core is about mixing the old with the new. Therefore, in choosing the decor for your space, don't hesitate to incorporate items that have a lot of texture and depth. This would include metals and weathered woods. Exposed brick is also a good option for the walls of an industrial style home.

Open Spaces

Having open concept layouts are essential to achieving the look of industrial design. Opt for furniture pieces that are designed to create a statement in their unique appeal. However, it is important that you don't have too many items. A minimal layout is best for a space in which you are trying to achieve the industrial style. High ceilings also work well for this concept.

Don't Hide Imperfections

Part of the appeal of industrial design is in the fact that the space has a slightly unfinished look. Therefore, you should not hide imperfections in the space such as exposed pipes, wires or exposed ducts. Showing some element of the construction of the building is essential for the industrial design look and any items that don't look finished should be maintained in order to complete the look.

Practical Furniture

If you are trying to decide which furniture items should go in your industrial style space, opt for basic furniture. Function is more important than design when it comes to achieving the industrial style. However, if you want something a bit fancier, you should select furniture items that offer a display of their material elements. Choose furniture that is made from metal or weather woods. For the upholstery, go with neutral colours and opt for fabrics such as leather that provide a cooler look.



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