Designing Your Home If You Love Art

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Designing the interior of your home as an art enthusiast can be a difficult task. It can be hard to figure out exactly which pieces of art will work best with your existing furniture. In some cases, you may even be contemplating redoing the entire room so that it fits better with the decor. If you are wondering exactly what you should do to your home, here are 4 tips to help you decorate your home.

1. Look for Lines and Colours

If you are trying to figure out what will work best with an existing piece of art, search for lines and colours within the art. You can then use these elements in the fabrics and furniture of the room. Because the lines and colours will not match the art exactly, the decor of the room will still appear to be on theme without matching the art directly.

2. Make Sure to Maintain Balance

If the artwork you have previously selected will heavily influence the decor of the room, make sure to keep the same balances of colours that you find in the artwork. This means that if a painting has only a touch of orange, you should only incorporate a small amount of orange in the decor of the room, perhaps by adding only a vase of orange flowers in the room. By maintaining the colour balance, you can match the artwork without being overwhelmed by the colours.

3. Use Multiple Pieces

Using multiple pieces of art in a space can increase the impacts of each of the individual pieces in the collection. Make sure however, that the pieces all have similar colours so that you won't be introducing additional colours into the overall colour scheme of the room that can be difficult to match.

4. Make Sure That the Room Style Complements the Art

Once you have decided on the art pieces that you will use in your room, you need to make sure that the décor that you select matches the style of the art. This means that if the room gives off a serene, calm vibe, the art should also. Art that is busy or features bold colours should be used in a room that features minimal furnitures so that the room looks balanced and is not overwhelming.


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