Design Tricks For Creating Your Dream Garage

Damir Kopezhanov

Your idea of a dream garage ultimately depends on how little or how much you love cars. It might merely be somewhere to house your everyday vehicle, or it might be a place you want to safely store your $13 million Rolls Royce Sweptail. Perhaps it’s just an organized garage space where there’s plenty of room for you to park your family's fleet. Whatever you have in mind, adding a redesigned garage to your home will create value for your property and give you somewhere to keep your vehicles in the best possible condition. A purpose-designed garage will keep your car secure and out of the sun’s glare, away from birds and tree sap.

Discover Your Dream Car

What you put in your dream garage is up to you. While a Rolls Royce Sweptail may be out of your price range, dream cars can come in all styles and budgets. The top four ranked car brands currently in Singapore are Hyundai, Honda, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz. Each brand offers a range of cars that cater to modest up to more generous budgets. If you are looking for more than a car that just looks good and you're concerned with reliability, functionality, and resale value, then look at consumer reviews and industry ratings to find out more about the car and what it’s like to own and drive the particular model.

Brainstorm Garage Ideas

Before you get started on a project like this, it’s a good idea to spend time looking at other incredible garages for ideas. Look online for inspiration, the internet is packed with websites to give you ideas. But there’s also friends and family’s homes, even the TV and movies to inspire you. Think about how you will use the space too. You may just want to store your car, proudly display it or perhaps work on it when you need to. This may help you come up with the right design for your new garage, whether you choose to keep it simple or go with a theme such as classic vintage or race cars. It’s your chance to get creative.

Flooring And Storage Options

Before you start making any big purchases for your new dream garage, make sure you have in mind what colors you like. You will likely want everything to match or at least coordinate so keep this in mind when shopping for flooring and storage. The flooring you choose is a really important aspect of creating a bespoke garage, as it sets the tone for the entire space. Garage floor tiles, flooring rolls or a floor coating are good options for a garage that will be housing vehicles. Most suppliers will give you samples so you can look at them in your garage to help you imagine what it would look like. What storage you choose will largely depend on how you want to use the garage. If you plan to work on your classic vintage cars then you may need storage for tools for instance. Overhead garage storage is a great way to store bulkier items and create more floor space.

Designing and creating your ultimate dream garage will take a little time, effort and money, but the result will be the garage that you have always wanted and a safe and stylish space to keep your favorite vehicles.

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