How to Design a Killer Game Room in the Office

Does a game room in an office sounds like none of the work will be done?

You are very wrong!

Having a game room is an excellent place for your employees to take a break and charge energy. Also, this can be a place for meeting each other better and enhance team spirit. Read till the end to check some ideas for killer game room in the office.

Why Have A Game Room

Modern entrepreneurs understand the importance of having a room where you can take a break and relax doing something in a team and productively. Having a game room profits you on more level. It connects people and shows their personality while having fun or loosing, which can be important in future situations. Playing a game makes you move, which is great after a long time of sitting and watching at the monitor. What is more, it relaxes and encourages creativity. Above all, this will make you special from your competition.

Choose A Spacious Room

A game room doesn’t have to be a centre room, but it needs to be spacious and have enough room for more people to stay at the same time. Also, consider the space playing a game takes you and be sure that it is enlightening and bright. What is also important is sound isolation, since some may play a game during the break while others are working.

Use Vivid Colours And Patterns

The game room should be a place for fun and relaxing, so use more vivid and playful colours than in the rest of the office. Here you can put interesting photos and a lot of comfortable sofas. Also, combining plants and colours ensures a positive and friendly atmosphere. Use a lot of modern and fun details and encourage others to improve and decorate it. For some inspiration, check some examples here.

Use More Games And Provide Choice

Don’t just stick to the one game or sitting area in the game room. Find more games that more people can play at the same time. Divide the space into the corner for board games, like chess or other creative game. It is always interesting if you have a ping pong desk in the middle. Air hockey is also an innovative idea. Some classic, but always fun options are foosball and darts. You can combine more types of games in the same room and suggest to people to change them. Also, don’t forget that some may not be skilful or physically active and provide them fun, too. 

Have Enough Space For Everything

Even though it seems like a dream place to have a game room in the office, you must know that it is the place for work and respect the room made for it. When you design it, be sure that you primarily have enough space for employees and other important rooms, like toilets, kitchen and meeting room. Also, be sure that you won`t lack any other important space for your business and if you are, then always use it from the game room first.

Use It Frequently 

If you have an office game room, you have to use it as much as possible. Organise team buildings and joint meals in there. Encourage employees to spend time together after work. Be sure that people see it as calming and relaxing space for everyone. Don’t forget to show it to the new ones and encourage them to use it. If you want to make everyone an extra happy, get them hot plates to keep coffee warm from here

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