Tips for Creating a Perfect Reception Area in Your Office


The reason why a reception area is essential is that this is the place where your visitors get the first glimpse of your enterprise in person. Other than this, it’s the place where they spend the most downtime. This gives them the luxury to examine the area as thoroughly as possible and pay attention to every single detail, from the behavior of your receptionist all the way to the details exhibited around the place. This is important for the first impression that your business makes. It can also help set the mood for the subsequent meeting. All in all, here are tops several tips for creating a perfect reception area in your office.

  1. Feature your brand

Featuring your brand is fairly simple as long as you follow several simple principles. First of all, the reception area needs to be branded. On the prominent wall (the one behind the receptionist’s desk) you need to paint a massive logo of your company. As far as the color of the area goes, make sure to go for your brand colors. Also, it’s a good idea to post branded posters across the room, as well as invest in a brochure holder. Here, you can present leaflets and brochures, thus allowing your potential clients to further get to know your brand and what it’s all about.

  1. Picking the right desk

If there’s a focal point in the area, it’s definitely the receptionist’s desk. The choice of one, nonetheless, is not nearly as simple as you think it to be. First of all, the size has to be right. A desk that’s too tall may be too intimidating for the client, while one that’s too low may look a tad silly. Disproportionally small or large (compared to the room) creates a visual dissonance that you definitely don’t need. Naturally, you also need a chair to fit the desk. And the size and shape of the chair need to meet these same requirements.

  1. Make the place functional


The third thing you need to take into consideration is the functionality of the place. Is there enough seating for the visitors? Is the lighting sufficiently bright? Is it too bright (to the point where it makes visitors uncomfortable)? You need to make sure that the place has everything that it needs and then make an extra effort to make it a bit more comfortable. We are talking about softer cushioning on the seating, a runner rug from the front door to the reception desk, and more. Some wall art is also highly appreciated.

  1. An extra touch

The last thing you want to do is add something extra to the room, something to separate you from your closest competitors. For instance, let’s say that it’s a hot summer day and people are waiting in the reception area. Wouldn’t it be great if you were to outfit the place with an ice maker machine? Adding a candy ball to the reception desk can also be a nice touch. It’s a competitive field and going that extra mile to make your clients feel welcome can make the most significant difference

In conclusion

Naturally, the reception area alone isn’t enough. You also need to find someone who fits the description of a perfect receptionist and instruct them in the ways of your company. Bear in mind that the first impression of your business doesn’t start with the reception but with the front door, the façade, the driveway, or even your website. So, make sure to set the expectations of your audience, the expectations that your reception and your company can meet. Still, by designing this vital area the right way around, you’ll already be on the right track.


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