Top 5 Reasons To Contact Roofing Companies for Home Renovations


Knowing when to contact roofing companies can be difficult. Sometimes, things that do not appear to be a big problem can actually cause massive damage. It is important to know when you should contact a roofing company to come out and inspect your home to see if it needs renovations.

This article will tell you the top 5 reasons to contact roofing companies for home renovations, including damaged or missing shingles, leaks or ceiling spots, excessive granules, flashing damage, and algae or moss. 

1: Damaged or Missing Shingles

The first, and probably the most obvious, the reason to contact a roofer is if you noticed any damaged or missing shingles. This can be a sign that there’s soon going to be a hole in your roof. You need to repair this as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind, though, that we aren’t just referring to completely missing shingles or already-existing holes. If you notice shingles starting to wear down (granule loss, curling, etc.) then you should have that checked out. These smaller issues, when left unchecked, can lead to serious damage down the road. 

2: Leaks Or Ceiling Spots

Even if you don’t notice any exterior roof damage, you want to keep an eye out for spots on the inside of your ceiling. From time to time, you may notice a leak inside your home. Moreover, even if there is no water falling, you may see a damp spot on your ceiling. 

If you see anything like this, it can be a sign that there is a leak in your roof or a problem with your shingles. Be sure to check upstairs rooms and attics for this problem, as well. This can go unnoticed more easily than you might think. However, it can be one of the biggest issues you’ll run into.

3: Excessive Granules in Your Gutters

Another common roofing issue is finding excessive granules in your gutters. Granules are the tiny, gritty pieces that help your shingles stay waterproof. They also add weight to your shingles, preventing the wind from blowing them away. 

If you look in your gutters and notice a lot of these little granules, that means they have fallen off of your shingles. This can be an early warning sign that you’re going to have a leak. Also, more severely damaged shingles could be in store for the near future. 

It might not seem like much, but taking early action to stop this issue can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. 

4: Flashing Damage

Flashing is the thin metal slats that roofing companies will often use to protect or fortify key sections of your roof. You may notice thin metal lines on corners, or near where two levels of the roof meet. If you see any damage to this flashing, that is another sign your home may be in need of roofing repairs.

This, again, falls into the category of early warning signs. If you see any flashing degradation, you may just want to have a roofer come out to inspect the property. This is another case where you want to take some preventative action to mitigate damage later on. 

5: Algae, Moss, or Mold

Last, but certainly not least, is algae, moss, and mold. Whenever you notice these growing on your roof, that is a sign your roof is in need of attention. If left unchecked, green growth on your roof can lead to a buildup of moisture. As that builds up, you may see your shingles begin showing signs of significant wear. 

Call a roofing company as soon as you notice this start developing. You want to avoid letting this grow, as it will only multiply over time, causing more damage. 

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