Considering an Open Plan Kitchen?

Does your kitchen make you feel cramped and unhappy? Does a wall prevent you from having the open kitchen of your dreams? If you have been considering remodelling your kitchen to create an open plan kitchen, here are some of the basics of what is involved.

Getting rid of a wall that divides your kitchen from the rest of your home is just the first step to creating an open plan kitchen. First you must consider if it is even possible to remove the wall without compromising the structural integrity of your home. Next, you should think about the electrical system. Will some adjustment need to be made there as well? Here are a few more items to consider to get the job done right.


If you plan to open up your kitchen, you may find that you need additional flooring to fill in empty spaces. To save money, it might be a good idea to just sand the floor down and re-polish it with a stain-resistant finish.


For the kitchen cabinets, you may still have to redesign your kitchen to provide cabinet space in the locations where it is need most. Adding a kitchen island is an idea to help bridge the gap between the different sides of the kitchen.

Wall Colours

As you open up your kitchen, you may find that the kitchen now allows in more light. You might want to consider resurfacing or repainting your kitchen walls so that they are of a more neutral or lighter colour to accommodate this change.

Since there are many factors involved, your kitchen renovation may actually require the services of several different companies. A kitchen renovation contractor can help you to locate all of the services that you need for a successful kitchen renovation.

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