Building your driveway, your way!

Having a nice driveway built is a great way to improve a property and boost its value, and it also complements a home as it leads people into a property and after all, everyone knows how important first impressions are. However, choosing the right style of driveway for a home isn’t easy and it is vital to ensure that the driveway works well in its environment both with the property itself and with the outdoor space.

Choosing a Style

There are many different styles of driveways to choose from and finding a style that suits someone’s budget and design ideas can take some time. It is a good idea to contact well established asphalt contractors to ask for advice about which driveway will work well in the space and anyone who has their own ideas about what type of driveway they want will need to do lots of research first to ensure that it is a viable option.



Check out the following for some examples of different styles of driveways:

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Gravel
  • Bricks
  • Stone
  • Clay

The budget may affect which option people choose and it is also important to consider all of the following:

1. Colours

Choosing the best colour for a driveway often comes down to personal choice and also to the following:

  • The colour of the neighbour’s driveways, as it is better to complement them and not clash with them
  • Other colours used on the exterior of the property

As well as a general grey colour that concrete has, it is possible to lay a driveway in any colour as slabs, stones and blocks all come in a variety of hues.

2. Drainage

It is vital to ensure that any water will drain through or off the driveway and taking the gradient as well as the building material into consideration is imperative.

Top Tip: Gravel doesn’t tend to work well on a slope but works great on a flat surface.



3. Paving

For anyone who decides to use paving, there are still some choices to be made as this surface comes in all of the following:

  • Stone
  • Clay
  • Brick
  • Concrete

Some materials can work well together, while others work best on their own and choosing which size the paving should be is also important.

North Shore Paving are asphalt contractors Newcastle based and companies like this are on hand to provide homeowners will professional advice about how they can lay a good quality driveway within budget that will work perfectly with their property to add value to it, and also to improve the way it operates and the way it looks.

Remember that small slabs are good for using on uneven ground but they are more expensive than larger slabs. However, bigger blocks will be prone to getting damaged when used on an uneven surface so in the long run smaller slabs will offer a better value option.

North Shore Paving are asphalt contractors Newcastle based:

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