How to Boost Your Post-COVID Airbnb Profitability 


Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

Being stuck at home for the past two years made very few people excited to travel during the global COVID pandemic. Not only were they afraid to do so, but even the brave ones were unable to find a proper place to stay. Wherever you go, hotels, hostels, and other types of accommodation were closed and inaccessible. Now, though, that the pandemic is almost behind us, people are starting to make their traveling plans once again, and that’s why Airbnb properties are becoming more and more popular. Still, if you’re renting one as well, you’ll need to make your place as comfortable, inviting, and visually appealing as possible, and in case you’re not sure how to do that, here are a few ideas that might help you boost your Airbnb profitability. 

Invest in marketing

The best thing about the whole philosophy behind Airbnb is the fact that you don't have to do much to get your place out there and popular with different people. If your place is cool, affordable, adequately located, and packed with the right amenities - from a washing machine to a gaming room where your guests can enjoy their favorite video games - it's going to make money on its own. 

However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't invest some time and energy making sure your property is more popular than all those other properties in your area. Marketing on Airbnb comes down to showing and telling everything positive about your place, thus inspiring as many people as possible to choose you. This means that you have to make sure you have the best photos and the best description because that’s the only way to create a listing that will tell the world what makes your place so amazing and unavoidable. 

Invest in protection

Even though the pandemic is almost over, lots of people are still afraid of the “almost” factor in that equation, which is why you have to make sure that your property is absolutely safe and protected. This is going to help you attract more visitors than you can imagine, and that’s something you’re probably hoping for the most after losing so much money in the past couple of years. 

Make sure you clean every inch of your property several times a day, especially before welcoming new guests and after saying goodbye to them. Scatter enough face masks, gloves, and other protective items around your property and encourage your guests to stay safe themselves. Finally, encourage your guests to pack their own protection, just to keep everyone extra safe!

Invest in comfort

However, making sure your property looks better than the competition in photos isn’t enough - it actually has to be better than it in real life as well. And the only way to do that is to make it as visually appealing and cozy as possible. Some of the things you’ll have to do include:


  • Repaint the entire place, especially if you haven’t done that in a while. Some of the best and most relaxing colors include beige, white, light gray, and yellow.

  • Fix plumbing issues that might not look too serious at first but could end up getting you a bad review. Finding a great plumber in your area shouldn’t be too hard so make sure you find someone who’s close by and who could react promptly. For instance, if you live in Australia, in Sydney or close to it, you might check out a plumber from North Shore who can come to your quickly and solve anything from leaks to drains and everything in between!

  • Pay attention to your décor and spice it up a bit if you can because this is going to make your indoor space more appealing too, which will make your property a win-win choice for all potential guests.

Invest in the outdoor space

Speaking of your outdoor area, this might not seem like something that could turn into the biggest benefit of your Airbnb property, but it’s definitely one of the crucial aspects of it. This became even more apparent during the global pandemic outbreak when people suddenly started appreciating their backyards and garden areas more than ever before. And since this is a trend that’s going to continue developing in the years to come as well, you have to maximize your outdoor space if you want to start making more money on your Airbnb property.

After spicing up your deck and patio, as well as investing in some new outdoor furniture, you should continue this process and begin checking out other ideas that might make a big deal in the long run. For instance, investing in a small pool or a hot tub could sound too costly at first, but you can easily boost your prices if you make this move, and that’s going to help you make more than you could’ve imagined. This is going to be even easier if you turn your outdoor space into something useful like a whole new room or an office space where your visitors can get some work done while traveling.


Making your Airbnb property profitable and popular is a process that can be long and tiring, but if this is a way for you to make some extra money, doing these things will turn out to be an amazing idea. Just follow these tips and you'll be done before you know it - and guests are going to start coming immediately after that!

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