Best Tankless Water Heater Review: Advantage And Its Different Version


It is not today that the water heater has been adopted, especially in new apartments, thanks to its benefits. Used to distribute hot water to different points of the property, it is found in several models, being an excellent alternative to electric showers.

If you are looking for information on which type of heater is right for you, check out the 10ion's Reviews on Tankless Water Heater and eliminate your doubts once and for all!

The types of water heater and its indications

Ensuring that warm water apart from the bathroom is just one of the gains of the heater. It is a very versatile item and has many different applications and specific advantages:

- Gas water heater: considered the best performance, it has two versions: GN natural gas, street gas or liquefied petroleum gas from the cylinder. The gas tankless water heaters also exists in instantaneous (also called "passing") and accumulation models.

- Gas-flow heaters are smaller and provide greater autonomy in the supply of hot water, but do not accept that two environments use it simultaneously. The accumulator tankless water heaters can be used at several points at the same time, besides not requiring a high water pressure. However, they are large and take up more space.

- Electric Water Heater: Your pass-through model is perfect for anyone who thinks about saving and does not want to make refurbishment since it does not require built-in tubing and can be plugged directly into the shower or faucet. Like the gas version, the electric version also exists in two patterns: by accumulation or with boilers. On demand water heating takes place inside a cylinder and serves more than one point. Its positive point is in accepting the installation of a timer, capable of programming the activation of the device only when it is used.

- Solar heater: is a trend for its sustainable character, and should be installed on the roof as it requires exposure to sunlight. Its installation cost is high, however, it is the option of water heater that less impact causes in the account of light, since the energy of the sun is free and renewable.

For permanent heating even in periods of low sunshine, use the solar water heater together with the gas model. So, on cold days like the ones you have done, you will ensure a more comfortable and economical shower! Read the electric tankless water heater reviews at our site.


  • Always hot water at your disposal

  • Combine different heat sources efficiently

  • Requirements

  • A suitable location for the hot water boiler

  • A compatible heating system


There are different types of boilers. A layered boiler is a fast, energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for hot water supply. This type of boiler contains various layers of water with different temperatures. The water at the top of the vessel is the warmest. Buffer vessels are usually designed as a combined boiler. They contain two tanks: one for hot water in the kitchen and bathroom, and one for the heating water. In the winter the boiler uses the residual heat from the heating water to heat the tap water, so that less energy is used. Buffer boilers are ideal for combining the various energy sources.

Care needed

Regardless of which water heater you choose, your installation should be done by a professional or a specialized company. In addition to being able to make a safe assembly, they work according to their own laws and regulations and read the best tankless water heater review. Before installing the equipment, calculate how many points should receive the heated water. If it is gas type, it is important to make sure the type supplied in the condo is GN or LPG, and what is the exhaust system: forced, balanced or natural flow.


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