Have the Best Looking Yard on the Block with These Tips


One of the best ways to keep your grass looking great throughout the year is to invest in professional lawn care maintenance. While this is true, there are several steps you can take on your own, too. Knowing what to do to keep your grass and plants healthy and thriving can help ensure your yard is the envy of the block, no matter what time of year it is.

Feed Your Lawn Four Times Per Year

Some homeowners believe that feeding your lawn once per year, in the spring, is enough. However, any Minneapolis lawn care professional will tell you, this isn’t the case. You must fertilize your grass several times a year, using the right food for the region and the season.

Mow at the Proper Time and Ensure the Right Height

Another lawn secret the professionals know is that how and when you mow can make a significant difference in how your lawn looks. Make sure you set your mower at the highest setting for the type of grass you are trying to grow.

For cool-season grass, this means 2.5 to 3.5 inches. However, some warm season grasses will do better when they are cut shorter. By allowing your grass to grow to the optimum height, you can encourage it to grow deeper roots, while shading the soil to help discourage weeds from sprouting.

You must also mow often enough that you never remove more than a third of the total grass blade height during a single mowing. Make sure you wait until your grass is dry, as well. This minimizes the possibility of wet clumps of grass all over your yard. It’s also smart to vary your mowing patterns, so you don’t create any ruts in your lawn from mowing on the same track, every time.

Water Your Lawn Correctly

While it’s tempting to quickly water your lawn daily, any professional will tell you that watering less frequently, but more deeply, is best. When you give your grass a prolonged soaking, you can encourage the roots to penetrate deeper into the lawn. This helps strengthen the lawn and ensure it will survive if a drought occurs.

If your grass appears greyish and the blades will not bounce back when they are stepped on, it’s time for you to water them. Turn your sprinkler on until you can push a plate stake or dowel about 12 inches into the soil. Just make sure you don’t water too much. You never want the soil to be so wet that it would drip if you squeezed a handful of it.

It’s also important to note that your grass will use much less water during the spring and the later months of the fall than in the summer. During the spring, it may only be necessary to water one time a week. In the summer, you may have to water three times per week. However, if there is a long and soaking rain, there is no need for you to water that day.

Use Quality Grass Seed

When talking about grass seed, the saying “you get what you pay for” applies. If you use a premium grass seed, you can have confidence it will grow quickly, stay in place, and provide even coverage. When you use premium grass seed for your lawn, you will start with a thicker lawn, which means it’s easier to keep it looking full and lush.

Spot Control Any Weeds

To keep a healthy lawn, you have to control the weeds. Remember, it is easier to spot-control weeds than to rescue your lawn once it is overtaken by them.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Happy

If you want to ensure your lawn looks amazing, use the tips above. It’s also smart to enlist the help of the pros a few times a year, who can provide you even more tips and tricks on growing and keeping a healthy lawn. 

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