Best Home Renovation Ideas For the New Year


With the coming of the new year, many people are following the mantra of "a new year, a new me." However, the question is how to achieve the the “new me.” A great way to achieve that would be through home renovations. If you would love having an improved home for the coming new year, here are some affordable and simple ways that you can renovate your home while staying on budget.

Change Up Your Furniture Sets

Most people will keep the same living room and bedroom set for years. While this is a financially responsible decision, your furniture will become worn down and uncomfortable through the years. Not to mention how boring it is to look at the same furniture every day. Shake up your home decor by replacing some of your old or boring furniture with new pieces.

Like most people, you're probably living on a strict budget with very little wiggle room when it comes to new purchases. To help renovate your home on a strict budget, consider visiting consignment shops or garage sales to find like-new or gently-used furniture. Should you need help getting your new furniture home, find a local San Antonio moving company to ship your furniture back to your home.

Step Up Your Organizational Game

We all have those couple of areas in our home where we simply toss random items for safe keeping until we have both the time and the inclination to deal with them. After years of haphazard flinging of objects into your makeshift storage areas, you may find that the areas have become quite disorganized. A great home renovation idea for the new year would be to dedicate a weekend of your time to organizing your messy storage areas whether it be a spare room, a closet, a garage, or a basement.

There are many organizational items being sold on the market today that can help you clean up virtually any size of mess containing any random amount of items. The best part about these organizational items is that they tend to be fairly affordable and can be fit into almost any type of budget. Do your future self a favor and get that junk drawer cleaned out or that storage closet organized. You may find objects in the mess that you've been searching for all year.

Rethinking Your Lighting

You may not realize how large of a role lighting plays when it comes to the mood and overall look of your home, but changing your lighting can make your home look completely different. Lighting can refer to many different aspects including the type and wattage of the bulbs you use, the type of light fixtures installed, or even the placement and color of the lights. Ambient lighting can be created in any area of your home by installing colorful LED strip lights. These can be installed under cabinets, under beds, on ceiling overhangs, or any other little nook or cranny that could use a little cheering up with new and colorful lighting.

If adding LED strip lights isn't something that interests you, changing the current light fixtures in your home is always an option. It will take some extra effort and careful installation, but you can change a boring ceiling light into a ceiling fan or install a beautiful chandelier. If this is too ostentatious for your tastes, adding a few simple lamps to a room can dramatically change its overall mood and appearance.

Refresh Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

This renovation project can be as large or small in scale as your time and budget allow. A small renovation could be comprised of simple alterations such as adding wallpaper, adding a colorful coat of paint, adding a decorative theme, or updating the sink and cabinet fixtures. These small additions would exude enough personality and decor to be a refreshing change for your eyes.

If a larger renovation is what you have in mind, you can opt for changing the lighting fixtures, installing new appliances or a new sink/bathtub, or completely changing the layout of the room by removing or adding walls. Your imagination sets the limits for a full-scale renovation project.

As with any renovation project, always practice safety. Before you begin toying with lighting fixtures or working with your plumbing, be sure to follow the home renovation safety protocols.

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