Bathroom remodel on a budget.

Bathrooms are often considered to be expensive to remodel considering that It is normally the smallest room in your home.  Being the smallest room, however,  means that it is possible to remodel it without breaking the budget. See here for our Tips on renovation budgeting.  Even tiny changes in a bathroom remodel can make a big impact. While doing a complete bathroom renovation can add up to a big investment (quite quickly if you aren't careful) doing small but simple changes can give your bathroom a whole new look. Our best tips are below: 

New Hardware 

Your could replace the basin for a more modern one or simple replace the  taps. This is not as expensive as you think and you are not limited to how much you want to spend. You can choose high tech or get a the basic model that has a modern finish. You could change the towel bars, the knobs on your vanity cabinet, or a new toilet paper roll holder can give your bathroom a more modern and more cohesive look. 

New Tiles 

Re-tiling the whole bathroom is one guaranteed way to increase your bathroom remodel costs, but changing or adding new tile accents can give you a new look without the higher price tag. You can install mosaic designs behind your sink as a backslash, or add a strip of glass tile around your shower. You could remove individual tiles on the walls or floor and replace them with coordinating colours, or add some mosaic tile in the spaces. Make sure to get the same sized tiles as the ones that you have removed.
A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting is the cheapest way to remodel  your bathroom in one day, especially if you have a small area to roll or brush. Take a chance on bold colours that you might not be willing to use else were in your home. A bright emerald, rich purple, deep grey, or jewel-toned red can add interest.  If you are adventures you can add wide horizontal stripes, a modern geometric stencil patterns, or a vibrant accent wall. Using paint can give you the freedom to express yourself. 

Adding Mirrors
Adding a standard wall mirror can make the room look bigger. Framed mirrors can be a statement piece for the entire bathroom. Building a wooden or tile frame around a mirror or if you aren't that handy, have one custom built. Using mirrors in a bathroom remodel is a sure way to change the look of your bathroom
New Towels, Shower Curtain or blinds 

Purchasing expensive towels may feel like you are be excessive, but it is still going to be cheaper than a full or partial bathroom remodel. Getting a matching new shower curtain or blinds for the windows can provide a huge visual impact. Simply swapping  your old towels for white, pale blue or cheery pink ones can give your bathroom a whole new look. This is a change that can be done at a moment’s notice without spending your budget on a massive bathroom renovations. So in a nut shell you don't need to completely renovate your bathroom to improve the look or bring it in to the 21st century. Step back and try to picture a design in your head and then go with it. Use Pinterest to get some ideas. Remember purchasing the most expensive items is not always away to give your a great bathroom remodel.

If remodelling is not what you want and need to have a full renovation done or maybe you just need a plumber to install a new basin and toilet.

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