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There is no room in your house more important to be aesthetically pleasing and beautifully functional than the bathroom. Your guests will eventually find themselves in this room, so the design of the room speaks volumes about you. The bathroom has limited space and every square inch is needed. So how does one design a bathroom that is chic, elegant, and fully functional with little room in which to work? The experts at Maestrobath are here to help. Sometimes, a few ultra-modern updates is all it takes to go from average to amazing.



There is such a wide selections of modern bathroom sinks that it is hard to know how to begin.  In our above examples we have the De Medici Ice Oval Platinum Crystal Vessel Sink. This sink comes in different  colors, making it the focal point of the room. The panache of this sink  will be noticed. The Vessel SInk comes in clear, dark, gold, silver, or multicolored.  They also come in a variety of shapes and forms. Click here for more examples.

Our second example is the drop-in sink. The drop-in sink also comes in a wide array of colors, finishes, and shapes. It is the modern sink of the master bath. This sink is fully functional. A drop -in sink is easy to install. The hole is simply cut to fit the shape of the sink. Choosing a drop-in sink allows for easy to clean elegant look. One gets nowhere near as many choices with a traditional sink. The freestanding sink is always beautiful and takes up less space than traditional. Opting for the freestanding sink opens up small area, by removing the vanity. This sink is perfect for half-baths or guests bathrooms.

The under-mount bathroom sink if perfect. While you have to convenience of a traditional sink, you have modern lines and a sink with no rings to clean. For a modern look in a fully functional family bathroom, this could be the one. These sinks also come in a variety of shape, colors, and designs. Even the mosaic glass sinks available for this installation.

While the sink is not the only part of the bathroom that must be done in order to remodel and update the bathroom, it is critical. When remodeling the bathroom follow these simple tips:


Create a budget of both time and money and keep with them.

Are you going to gut the entire bathroom and start from scratch? If not, are you sure there is no hidden damage you are unaware of? Have your bathroom inspected for water damage, rotted wood, and leaky pipes. If you find any ot these issues, repair them now. 


Begin with remodeling the ceiling (if you plan to)

Ceilings go through trends just like other parts of the house. Know what kind of ceiling you have and how it will fit in with your new modern bathroom.


Remodel the walls

Are you using different paint, wallpaper, decor, and trimming? DO wall renovations well before you get to them.


Remodel the floor.

You can have the hottest bathroom to come off of the design table, but it will not matter unless you have an awesome floor. Remodel the floor before it gets too late in the year. Tile is the way to go for bathroom floors, and the styles and colors available are remarkable. In many cases, it is better to install the floor before major renovations take place, but every situation is different so check with your contractor.

The experts at Maestrobath are happy to help you with your questions. They want you to be thrilled with their look, but to get there, Contract Maestro Bath today.


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