Questions to Ask Your Selected Commercial Builder


There are hundreds of commercial builders out there, but only a few will be right for you. Finding the right commercial builder can be a tiring process, but once you find the right one you can have the dream space you desire. You can find them online, or by word of mouth. There are few things one should keep in mind while looking for a commercial builder.

  • They should have a well-maintained portfolio.

  • They should have credible reviews.

  • They must charge a fair quote that falls within your budget

  • They are willing to listen and understand your vision.

  • They have an established and expert team of staff.

Hiring a good commercial builder is not only an investment but also a stress-reliever. A professional builder will investigate every little aspect with experience and expertise. Before selecting a builder, one must question and confirm that they understand what you want and works towards it. Here are some important questions to ask your selected commercial builder.


Do You Have License, Insurance, and Are Bonded?

Irrespective of which country or state you are in, your commercial builder must be licensed and insured at the very least. This helps to avoid dangerous situations and expenses associated with them. Make sure your selected commercial builder has all the permits, and their team of staff is certified before they begin the work. An authentic contractor will produce these documents in front of you without hesitation.

Do You Have Quality Sub-Contractors?

Good sub-contractors are like the skeleton system of your under-construction dream space. They break and they build. It is in their hands to make the perfect wall shelf that you want. Making sure your commercial building has a great team of sub-contractors and workers is very important. Ask your contractor to show you the pictures of previous projects where his team has worked upon. Talk to the sub-contractors yourself if needed. 

What Is Your Payment Cycle?

Most of us take a loan for renovating a building or space. Making sure that this synchronizes with the payment schedule of your selected commercial builder will be very valuable. This will not disturb your budget system as you will be paying the contractor from the loan amount and you will not have to extract the payment amount from the funds allotted for other essentials.  Ask your contractor if they have a flexible schedule, and that work must get completed within the allotted time as decided.

Have You Worked on Something Like Mine?

Ask your commercial builder if they have ever worked on a project that is like your dream project? It is better to choose someone who has handled a similar project as yours. If your builder has indeed done so, ask for a portfolio of the project or a virtual tour. Ask questions about things that you like or dislike. This will prevent unpleasant surprises during work.

How Long Have You Worked as A Commercial Builder?

Know when the company (if one) was established, or for how long they have been in business; the longer the better. But also make sure they use the latest technology and are updated in their field. This will shorten the process and therefore reduce the overall cost. 

How Long Will the Building Process Take?

The lesser the building process takes, the lesser money you would have to spend on sub-contractors, repaying loans, etc. Get a clear estimate of when will the work get finished and draw up contracts to make sure it gets done within that time. 


A good and trustworthy builder will encourage questions and will be willing to answer them. If they do not, then you should move on to look for another commercial builder who is more open and communicative. You are going to spend a huge amount of money on the renovation project, so it is very important that you are satisfied with the person you are working with, their methods, and styles. A quality commercial builder is an investment not only for your current project but for future projects too.

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