Are Disinfecting Services the Preventive Measure You Need?


Disinfecting services were always essential. However, they became even more critical during the beginning of the pandemic—and they still are! Are you a homeowner or a business owner? It's time to speak about how disinfecting services can keep your household or workplace safe! 

How can disinfecting services keep you safe?

Everyone knows that disinfecting can help prevent diseases. However, maybe you doubt if you need a professional disinfecting service.

Disinfecting services aim to make an area healthier. To understand everything you need to know about disinfecting services, we need to speak about disease spreading and germs. Don't worry; it's easier than it seems!

Where are germs hiding?

Germs are the cause of all infectious diseases. They are invisible to the eye, and the reason why disinfecting is essential. An example is the coronavirus, but many other bacteria or viruses lurk inside a home or an office! 

People often carry bacteria and viruses in their hands and spread them on high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and rails. However, foodborne and other types of bacteria are also an issue—and they could be everywhere! 

Besides wiping high-touch areas, you should also disinfect your home or workplace entirely now and then.

Cleaning vs. disinfection

If you sweep and dust the surfaces during your routine, you are cleaning, but not necessarily disinfecting! 

Routine cleaning removes microbes inside your home or office, lowering their number and reducing the risk of exposure. However, the only way to ensure that a surface is almost 100% germ-free is by disinfecting it.

Cleaning is physically removing dirt and crumbs from a surface, and disinfecting means "killing" the germs on the surface, generally using a chemical—known as a disinfectant.


It doesn't mean that we all should be disinfecting instead of cleaning. Disinfectants are most effective when the surface is clean! 

Tips for finding the top disinfecting service provider in Jersey City

Disinfecting services can help you keep your household or coworkers safe from disease. However, finding the perfect company to hire might be tricky.
Learn some tips here to hire the perfect disinfecting service for you!

Tip 1. Know the difference between disinfecting and sanitizing

We already mention that cleaning and disinfecting are two different processes. However, the difference between cleaning and sanitizing is also important to know when looking for disinfecting services.

Similar to disinfecting, sanitizing aims to lower the number of microbes on a surface to a safe level. However, you can sanitize either by cleaning or disinfecting the surface. 

If you are looking for a disinfecting service provider, make sure they are really disinfecting the surfaces in your home or office.


To disinfect a surface, you or the service provider must use a registered and approved disinfectant. Following the instructions to get rid of each specific germ is essential. Otherwise, you can't ensure the surfaces are germ-free!

Tip 2. Ask the service provider for the disinfecting method they use

To understand what disinfecting service in Jersey City is best for you, you need to be sure they use an effective method. As you can find many disinfectant products for household and commercial use, there are also many methods to disinfect an area. 

In most households and workspaces, the usual disinfecting method is spraying and wiping a disinfectant solution. It works for removing germs from high-touch points like touchscreens, devices, handles, and light switches. However, if you want to disinfect an area thoroughly, you need a method like fogging. 

Tip 3. Make sure your home or office is clean!

Disinfecting a dirty surface might not be as effective. According to the CDC disinfecting guidelines for the pandemic, you need to clean a surface before disinfecting it. 

The best way to ensure the disinfection is effective is by cleaning just before applying the disinfectant. If you are going to hire a disinfecting service, make sure the surfaces in your house or office are clean. 

Also, some companies understand it and include cleaning as part of the whole process, like Maid in Hoboken's deep cleaning and disinfecting services.

Disinfecting services in the Jersey City area 

Now that you know how disinfecting services can play an essential role in your office or home, it's time to book! Also, remember to keep up to date with the recommendation concerning COVID-19. Keep taking care of yourself! 

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