Aluminum or Invisible Steel Grilles: Which Option Is Best

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Window grilles offer an attractive option for maintaining safety while also maintaining luxury. Two options for window grilles that can provide these offers are aluminium and steel grilles. Here are the details on each type of grille to ensure that you select the best option for your home.


Aluminium grilles are typically made up of a panel on the wall that can slide from side to side along a trough. This setup differs from invisible steel grills which is strapped across using brackets that are located on the ends of the space that the grille is designed to cover. This means that aluminium grilles can be moved as necessary while invisible steel grilles are designed to be stationery. Aluminium grilles are therefore easier to clean. However, the risk of injury due to being able to remove the grille is still there. 


When it comes to window grilles, most homeowners want the option that will work best with their décor. An aluminium grille will look unpolished and will not look great from the inside or outside. However, an invisible grills will provide that beautiful look that you prefer.


When it comes to pricing, both aluminium and invisible steel grilles tend to be relatively inexpensive. However, aluminium grilles tend to be more corrosion-resistant and will last long. Invisible grills are not able to stain up to corrosion as steel has the potential to rust easily when placed in areas where it can be exposed to sea-breezes.


Aluminium and invisible steel grilles can protect the home from invaders. Aluminium grilles can provide the protection that is needed at all times. However, an invisible steel grills requires that the window stay closed in order to offer protection as the steel wires can be easily cut with a wire cutter.

If you are trying to decide between an aluminium or invisible steel grille, the choice ultimately comes down to your needs. If security is the primary reason you want grilles for your windows, then aluminium grilles might provide the best option. However, if the look of the grilles are more important to you, then invisible steel grilles might be best.

If you need help with making a decision, a professional window grilles installation service can help you to make the right choice. Click here to request quotes for this service today!

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