Adding a Section to Your House For Your Future Kids


You may think that you have to put your remodeling plans on hold when you you are actively planning a family. However, you can simply add babyproofing to your long list of priorities as you get started with your project.

But, if you or your spouse are pregnant, however, you must remember that the toxins that are a common part of many remodeling jobs can be of immediate concern, since pregnant women are much more vulnerable to many airborne irritants. So, during construction, just be careful not to disturb dust or mold allergens without wearing a protective mask.

You should also take precautions when painting. Even hours after a room is freshly painted, the stench can be intoxicating. Instead seek out VOC-free paints, or those free from volatile organic compounds. They are just as effective as regular paints, and come in just as many traditional colors and finishes.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can keep your future children in mind when adding on to your home or remodeling an existing room:

Choose Rounded Door Locks and Corners

If you are planning to install new kitchen counters, seek out those with rounded corners and smooth edges. While Junior will still obtain a nasty bump on his head as he goes flying head-first into the counter, he will not have to suffer from a jagged, bleeding wound that may require stitches. The same can be said for living room furniture, such as coffee tables and bookcases. While it can get really expensive to replace each piece, it is relatively affordable to purchase guards for each sharp corner. If you are interested in a furniture overhaul, however, do so with your on-the-way princess in mind. Look for soft chairs and round tables for an added layer of protection.

Cover your Doorknobs

Closed doors may spell “G-E-T O-U-T” to us adults, but they may as well have a huge neon sign overhead inviting toddlers to explore. Some of the first skills that Princess and Junior pick up on come in oh-so-handy when it comes to turning door knobs. This can be easily avoided by purchasing a few door knob covers that slip easily over the knob and stop all possible expeditions in their tracks.

Replace Carpeting with Hardwood Flooring

If you are looking to replace an old, ragged carpet in the room you are remodeling, it may be better just to strip the outdated floor wear out, and try a solid, easy-to-manage hardwood floor instead. Though they tend to get a bit pricey, they are more of an investment, since they add exponential value to your home, and they are so much easier to maintain. They are also safer for homes with children since you will no longer have to fret about allergens such as mites, pet dander, and dust, which will never be fully removed from a carpet - even with the best vacuum. Hardwood floors make for a healthier living environment.

Just be sure to pick up all toys and game pieces to prevent slips and falls. Smaller toys can be kept in a plastic toy chest for safekeeping or a faux leather backpack for quick trips to the park or Grandma’s house.

Lock or Latch Drawers and Cupboards

Most of the drawers and cupboards in our homes contain dangerous utensils, such as sharp knives and scissors, or dangerous chemicals, like medicines and cleaning agents. We often do not think twice about the contents of these cabinets, however, because we, as adults, know the consequences of misuse of such items. However, young, curious children do not think as rationally as we do, and even if they are told not to touch certain things, they will not listen if they can finagle the item from an unlocked drawer. So, remember, if you are remodeling your cabinetry, it is imperative that you remember to add the requisite locks and latches to protect your future child.

In conclusion, by following the advice above, you should be able to plan your remodel with your future children in mind, and maintain your home as a safe environment going forward. Remember, there is no better investment that you can make in your home than investing in the safety of your child, so take the time to heed the suggestions above today.

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