9 Basic Guides to Creating a Minimalist Living Room

So you have decided to become a minimalist, from the way you think, you live and you breathe, but the journey towards becoming a minimalist is not just about going back to basics, it is a life-changing decision. You get to live more at peace, calm and productive.

The change could be hard but you can start small. Take small steps like with the way you arrange your furniture at home. Best place to start of course is your living room. Create a clean and simple but functional living space, doing away with intricacies and taking away the layers, just a simple, honest and minimal design.

We would like to share with you some of our minimalist design ideas that will help you jumpstart your minimalist way of living. This will aid you in achieving a trendy, clutter-free, easy to clean and stress-free design with the use of minimal furniture and accessories.

  1. The white paint. It will certainly give that airy, spacious and clean feeling. The safest color choice if you’re going minimalist, because it gives the room a very light appearance and will go with any furniture that you are going to put in. But of course you don’t have to just follow the status quo, using black and white or the grey and white. You can always add a little color as a subtle undertone to spice it up and avoid monotony but don’t overdo it and you have to stick to your color story to create a cohesive minimalist design.
  2. Add a center piece; make it simple like a clean cut coffee table. Nothing fancy and intricate and should be in one or two color tones, nothing more. This will create an elegant focal point in your living area. The key here in choosing the design is simplicity, as what Leanardo Da Vinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
  3. Choose furniture that will complement with the overall look of the room, you will never go wrong if you streamline it. Buy a sofa with clean silhouettes and has long lines. Cushioning should be minimal, avoid the chunky and bulky ones. You may also add a rug under to draw the attention to the furniture, use natural textiles with neutral colors. Arrangement and your choice of furniture pieces will greatly affect on the beauty of the entire room.
  4. Lighting should be increased and letting in more natural light inside would be a great idea, unobstructed walls of windows will allow more light inside and making the room appear larger. If you have a tight living space with small windows, add lightings on the ceiling and maybe a lamp with a sleek design in the corner.
  5. Installing white ceramic floor tiles will also look beautiful and clean; it will highlight your furniture, especially the ones with geometric designs and making it the star of the living room.
  6. The mirror effect. Adding a mirror to the room will make the living room look bigger and brighter. Correct positioning, the design and the size of the mirror are essential, not only will it accentuate your interior but it can maximize the amount of light reflected in.
  7. Balance your decorations. It is very important that you take this into consideration to achieve the minimalist design. Like, arranging the pillows, lamps and artwork in asymmetry with each other and with the other fixtures in the room.
  8. Similar elements should go together for that bold minimalist effect. You have to consolidate the objects or home decors together in a designated area to avoid that scattered look.
  9. Clutter-free room makes up the total minimalist design. There is no point in arranging furniture asymmetrically and repainting the room with a minimalist palette if it is cluttered and disorganized. You can never achieve that minimalist design when all of your stuff are scattered and just everywhere. If you have been hoarding a lot of things for the longest time, then it is time to purge. If you have plenty of stuff and you think you would still need it, place it in boxes and cabinets. Conceal as much items as you can to have that clean and peaceful look, a house with lots of things look busy and defeats your purpose of going minimalist.

There is no quick trick and it is not complicated either in having that minimalist-designed living room; what you need is to focus and stick to the theme. Going astray and getting overboard with all the decors and the furniture will be the downfall of your minimalist dreams. Always keep in mind that the truest meaning of minimalism is the bare minimum. Keeping only what you need and doing away with all the temptations of layering and intricacies, and of course keeping the room clean always.

Kristy Jones is a DIY fan and enthusiast. She loves implementing life hacking topics especially about home improvements. She loves to declutter the home and would love to volunteer to help others live a clutter-free life. As the lead content curator for A Click Away Remotes, Kristy also contributes on writing other informative articles about basic architecture and house renovation.

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