8 Ways to Enhance Your Homes Curb Appeal


Living in a home that’s well-maintained both from the inside and the outside requires a lot of work. However, remember that it’s not only the inside of your home that counts. The outside can also speak volumes about the people living in the house and that’s why you should do your best to keep your home looking beautiful from the outside as it is from the inside. If you lack the inspiration, check some of these suggestions out.


Of course, the first step is decluttering. So, rid your yard and patio of all the unnecessary items and throw away anything that is an eyesore. So, compost cut branches and dry leaves, and recycle those old newspaper and magazines you have lying around your patio. Also, rethink the position of your garbage cans. If possible, move them out of sight. The idea here is to rid your yard of all the things that can create visual clutter to make room for those that will boost your curb appeal.

Take care of the lawn

The next thing you should dedicate your attention to is the lawn. If the grass is not looking well, if it’s patchy or dry, it’s time to do something about it. If you live in areas with very little rain, you can even consider ground covers instead of the regular grass. Either way, make sure your lawn is mown, edged, raked and watered regularly.

Inspect the façade

Your home’s façade is another key element of your curb appeal. If your façade paint is chipping, you can always apply a fresh coat of paint, but for a more durable and permanent solution, you should consider recladding your home. For example, modern aluminium cladding will not only make your home truly stand out, but it will also make the façade maintenance significantly easier and far less frequent.

Show some love to your door

If your front door is not in peak condition, you should really do something about it. No matter if you decide to simply repaint it or replace it altogether, just make sure that you’re satisfied with the final result and that it fits your home perfectly. You can even decorate your front door with seasonal wreaths, elaborate door knockers or your family’s monograms. Add a funny or welcoming doormat and you’re good to go.

Take care of windows as well

Of course, you need to make sure that your windows get the same amount of love as your door did. So, inspect the window frames and blinds and see if they are in desperate need of a paint job. Now, if you’re not satisfied with your current blinds, you can always replace them with accent shutters to add more pizzazz to your home exterior.

Plant away

Next, to make your curb appeal pop even more, add lots of plants. You can plant various flowers and shrubs strategically throughout your front yard or you can even make an interesting pattern with potted plants. Also, don’t forget to add potted plants and even hang a few of them throughout your patio. Keep in mind that native plants are always the best choice, but no matter what you chose, make sure you water and maintain them regularly for the maximum effect.

Touch up your drive and pathways

If your driveway has definitely seen better days, make sure you don’t just leave it like that but do something about it. Clean your driveway and inspect it for any cracks and holes; if it does have any, make sure to fill them up. Finally, you can give it a fresh coat of durable, outdoor concrete paint to breathe new life into it. The same, of course, goes for pathways. They should be clean and well-maintained, so make sure you devote some attention to them as well.

Add a statement piece

If you add an interesting detail to your front yard, you can be sure that it will be noticed and talked about. Anything ranging from a water feature, over a fire pit to an interesting stone statue will work just fine.

As you can see, there are various ways you can enhance your curb appeal, ranging from the simple and cheap ones to those that require a bit more work, a budget and some careful planning. No matter which you opt for, try to make your home look warm and inviting from the outside as it is on the inside.

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