7 Tips to Find Short-Term Rentals or Corporate Apartments


Moving from one place to another can be extremely tedious. Although it can quite happen frequently due to private or business reasons – looking for the right short-term rentals or corporate apartments can be like looking for a needle in a haystack (or maybe I exaggerated a bit). On a serious note, finding a suitable and perfect place temporarily can be challenging. It’s hard turning a short-term rental or corporate apartment into a place you can call your home.

What are short-term rentals?

Let’s first get to know the main definition of the two. Short-term rentals or otherwise known as “vacation rentals” mean a furnished home, apartment, or condominium which is made available for a short-term stay. More often than not, the owner usually rents out his property on a daily or weekly basis. Some owners even offer daily rates for this type.

What are corporate apartments?

Also known as “corporate housing,” this type of temporary fully-furnished housing is also available on a temporary basis. On average, the stays on corporate apartments are usually between two to three months or maybe even more. Some of these companies require a minimum stay of 14 days or 30 days.

1.  Look Months Before the Move

You have to come prepared to ensure a seamless move and stay. Try looking for rentals and apartments a few weeks or even a month before the move. If you’re not familiar with the particular location or city, try checking the average rent in that area and its surrounding areas.

2.  Check Airbnb and Other Online Marketplaces

Take advantage of the internet. We are now living in a world run by a digital technology. Try searching for a place on Airbnb. There are also other online marketplaces which let people rent out their properties such as Craigslist or Nestio.

3.  Determine an Estimated Stay Duration

This is extremely important when looking for a short-term rental or corporate apartment. Since both have a minimum stay requirement, you have to figure out how long you’re probably staying to be able to pick the best type of housing.

4.  Consider the Inclusions

Once you found a prospective temporary home, it’s always a good idea to check it in person if the distance isn’t too much of an issue. In addition, know what you want pertaining to the cost, parking (if you have a car), the type of furnishings included, and last but not least – your neighbors.

5.  Talk to the Landlord Beforehand

Another difference in short-term rentals and corporate apartments is that when picking the latter, you have to speak to the landlord for the terms and negotiations. Always make sure that both of you lay all your cards on the table or else, chaos is bound to happen. Of course, landlords will almost always make it seem like it’s the perfect place for you. After all, business is business. If in case you need a second opinion, try talking to the tenant before you if possible. Or you may also breeze through online reviews.

6. Ask for Recommendations

Recommendations from friends are always the best option when it comes to finding a place to stay temporarily. There’s a reason why people do crowdsourcing all the time in their social media networks. If they’re doing it, you must do it too!

7.  Be Patient

Patience is a virtue, they say. And true enough, patience will really go a long way when looking for a place you can call home. Don’t just book the first housing you see with nice pictures (pictures can be deceiving too). Try to keep your options open. Scout for different short-term rentals and corporate apartments so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Looking for a place doesn’t have to be difficult. After all, progress and commercialization are taking over metropolitan areas, not to mention bucolic areas as well. Try these simple tips and you’ll surely find the most splendid short-term rental or corporate apartment.

Author Bio: Kerry Brooks, driven by the passion for blogging, loves to write about beauty, fashion, food, travel and more. She enjoys spending her spare time traveling and reading. She is currently working for Fresh Look Homes Ltd, a fully qualified and highly skilled cladding company based in Colchester, Essex.

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