7 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Home Bar

If you are looking for ways to enhance the look and feel of your home, looking for ways to make it a more inviting place for your family and your guests, you may be contemplating adding a home bar to your residence. There are 7 tips that you will want to consider when it comes to setting up the perfect home bar.

Select the Proper Setting

The first factor you need to bear in mind in setting up an idyllic home bar is to ensure you select the proper setting. In this regard, you initially need to ascertain whether your bar is going to be something of a practical backdrop that permits you to efficiently serve your guests or will it be something more. Perhaps you will want to create a home bar that really will be the center of attention.


Lighting is a major part of creating the perfect home bar. With appropriate lighting, you can make your home bar attractive and inviting.

You want to avoid making your home bar look like a dive tavern. On the other hand, you don't want it so bright that it feels as if you're preparing for surgery. Consider softer overhead lights that provide suitable illumination without being overpowering.

When it comes to lighting for your home bar consider using LED strip lights to accent the space. These flexible light strips come in several colors. The can be placed in segments that run from 2 inches to 14 inches.

Many derivations of these strip lights come complete with adhesive backs. This makes it easy to place them anywhere at or around your bar.

Back Bar

While the main or front bar is the main presentation area, you do not want to overlook installing a back bar. A properly constructed back bar provides space for storage and preparation. Having a back bar ensures that the main or front bar is primarily used for your guests to enjoy their libations.


A big mistake people make in building a home bar is they neglect to consider refrigeration. They oftentimes add a mini-fridge, which truly is not suitable if a person truly wants a highly functional home bar.

In fact, when it comes to refrigeration for a home bar you should consider an under the counter beverage center. These products are specifically designed for home bars and similar uses. They are able to accommodate the full spectrum of chilled libations and other accouterments that are needed to have a fully functional bar in your residence.

Wine Cooler

On a related note, consider adding a wine cooler to your home bar. Wine ideally is stored at a temperature different from that associated with a refrigerator. Thus, if you really want to give a full service, highly functional home bar, you will want a designated wine cooler in addition to a refrigeration unit.

Space for Guests

In setting up the perfect home bar, you will want to have seats around it, but you don't want to stop there. You will want to make sure that there are other comfortable places for your guests to sit. For example, you will want to be sure your bar is situated in an area in your residence where you also have room for other comfortable furnishings, like a sofa or particularly comfy chairs.

Some people incorporate a home bar into a dining area. If that is the case, space limitations dictate whether or not you will be able to add additional furnishings, including chairs around the bar itself.

Don't Forget the Drinkware

Time and again, a person installing a home bar leaves drinkware as something of an afterthought. That is a tremendous mistake. When all is said and done, selected drinkware will be a focal point of a home bar. Rather than leaving the selection of drinkware to the end, you will want to make certain that this is a priority.

You will want to consider getting a range of different types of drinkware for your home bar. For example, you will want to consider a set that can be used for "every day" occasions around your bar. In addition, you will want to consider seasonal drinkware, designed around the different holidays. In addition, you will also want to contemplate getting a set for special occasions celebrated around your home bar.

By following these tips you will be able to create a wine bar that is the envy of your friends and neighbors. By carefully planning, you will be able to create a wine bar that is not only stylish and functional but affordable as well.

Jessica Kane writes for TIPS Alcohol Training, offering TIPS responsible alcohol service training online for both on and off premise needs.  

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