7 Things You Should Do When Trying To Sell Your House Without A Realtor


It is possible to sell your home without using a realtor if you know what to do. There is no reason to spend a small fortune for the services of a real estate company when you can easily sell your home yourself. For Sale By Owner reports that sellers can save from five to six percent on commissions by cutting out the middleman.

1. Do some research and decide on a fair price for your home.

Price definitely sells homes. That is why it is so important to price your home strategically. You can consult Zillow's site to get an idea about how to price your home so that it is competitive with comparable homes. It is important to review homes that are about the same size, age and style that are in your neighborhood when you evaluate pricing.

2. Be sure to prequalify your buyer.

Banks will issue pre-qualification letters to prospective buyers. If you know a loan office, you can send buyers to them to be sure they can obtain a loan to buy your home. If you don't have a contact in the mortgage department of a bank, then ask the buyer to find a bank that will issue a prequalification letter before you sign an offer and take your house off the market.

3. Pass out flyers.

By creating attractive real estate marketing flyers with an excellent picture of your home, passersby can contact you for a showing of your home. Be sure to print them on high quality paper so the photo portrays your home in all its glory. Put flyers inside the home and in a box in the front yard so anyone can pick one up when they drive by. Detailed flyers also help prospective buyers who visit your home to remember it accurately for comparison purposes when it comes time to evaluate properties viewed.

4. Prepare your home for showings.

Real Estate agents definitely recommend preparing your home so it will look its best. You can start by cleaning your home thoroughly and getting rid of any clutter. Staging experts recommend putting some of your furniture in storage to open up your home and make it look bigger. It's also a good idea to make minor repairs such as tightening a loose railing or a creaky step.

5. Hold an Open House.

You can advertise your open house in local papers and with flyers posted around the neighborhood. Find out which day the open houses are usually held in your area then hold your open house on the same day. Many buyers will make an afternoon of looking at as many open houses as they can on that day.

6. Be sure to hire an experienced attorney or title company to close your home.

You should use an experienced real estate attorney or title company when it is time to close. A mistake at closing can cause a disaster if the loan is not paid off or there is some other problem. With so much money at stake, you can't risk a problem with the title transfer or loan payoff.

7. Be sure to negotiate your price down in small increments.

There are tens of thousands of dollars at stake in many home negotiations. As the seller, it is important to remember that you want to aim for a certain price. If the buyer offers a low price, then you can offer a small drop in your listing price to keep the negotiation active without giving away too much.


Selling a home is not complicated if you follow a few tested steps. You can sell your home yourself, if you do some basic research. Details are important though and should not be ignored if you want to achieve success and obtain the best price possible.

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