6 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into an Entertainment Oasis


Having a backyard is a perk on its own because it means extra space and access to fresh air and nature. A properly maintained backyard offers a ton of other benefits, including a safe and encouraging space for the children to play, and an entertainment setup. If you want to turn your backyard into an oasis where you’ll be able to invite family, friends, and neighbors, and also throw birthday parties and other gatherings, you have a lot of work to do. The works will include everything from decluttering to building new features, so roll up your sleeves. Here are a few ways to create the social heaven you need.

Make room for all the fun

Take a good look around your backyard, how much space do you really have to entertain? Do you see some potential? What if you remove the clutter and put it in a properly organized shed? Is the grass overgrown? Then start mowing. If the lawn seems like a hopeless investment, instead of giving it unnecessary CPR, plant a new one, or lay an instant lawn if you can’t wait for the results. Further lawn care and landscaping should be done regularly and carefully.

Hide from curious eyes

Is Hi-diddly-ho! Neighbor-eeno! really something you want to hear when spending quality time with your kids or friends? Of course not. Then shield yourself from all the Ned Flanderses that could take a look inside your backyard and invite themselves to join the party. The solution comes in the form of a privacy screen which carries several options, such as bamboo, a hedge, a fence, wooden lattice, and large pot plants.

Take a seat

Picnics are fun, but sitting on a blanket in your own backyard isn’t something you should do. Instead, you should set up a full-blown seating arrangement which can include chairs, armchairs, poufs, and lounges. All of them should be weather-resistant. Furthermore, you will need a coffee table. Besides the conventional “living room” seating area, you should also include a dining table with a set of chairs. All these areas should be shielded with pergolas, shade sails, or similar.

Take the cooking outside

You can prepare food in your kitchen and then take it out to the backyard table. The question is: why would you? You have such a promising space where you can build your outdoor kitchen. If you live in a region renowned for its barbeque, you should definitely set up one of these and show off your heritage. If, on the other hand, you are more of a pizza person, then you can build your own stone oven and bake incredible homemade bread and pizza. For convenience, you can include appliances such as refrigerator, sink, beer cooler, dishwasher, etc.

Make it fun for everyone

There will be a lot of people of different ages and interests coming to your backyard, and you need to consider all of them, including all of your family members when thinking about entertainment options. Here are a few ideas:

  • A pool or a mini-pool is a great pastime for everyone.

  • An outdoor spa pool will be a delightful experience for all of your friends.

  • A gaming area for both teenagers and adults that includes video games, bocce ball, a gigantic chessboard, and bowling will be insanely fun.

  • A movie theater will provide you with some magical evenings.

  • Children’s playground (custom jungle swings and gyms) can be positioned somewhere where you can see them, but you can still have grownup talks.

Turn on the lights

There are no awesome outdoor evenings without lighting. And while you are there, you can give another function to the backyard lighting, and that is decoration. String lights are probably the most popular option because they provide sufficient illumination while reminding everybody of the magical fireflies. Some of the other solutions you can try out are lanterns, lightbulbs in jars and glass bottles, and solar lamps. You can give your patio a touch of class by installing an elegant chandelier above the dining area.

As you can see, turning a backyard into a place of joy and socializing will require a lot of effort. However, the first time you get the chance to relax or host a party in your little piece of heaven secluded from curious eyes, you will see that everything you have invested and done was worthwhile.

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