6 Tips to find the right architect.

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When it comes to hiring the right architect there is a huge difference between hiring someone who is competent to someone who is the best for the project you have in mind. Architecture is a profession that requires artistic vision and some very technical skills. It can be a challenge to find that right architect in Singapore. Here are some things you should consider when looking for the right architect.

What should I do?

  1. The first thing you should bear in mind is not to limit your search to just the phone book or the internet. You should ask friends, relatives or acquaintances. Getting their first hand experiences and feedback on work that an architect has done for them, this will help you find that right person.
  2. You got to remember that each architect has their own style and personality. It will always help to do a lot of research on their past projects. When picking an architect you need to make sure that their style is as close to the look and style you have envisioned.
  3. You should describe to them in detail your expectations and get their input to see if their architectural and artistic vision matches what your project needs are.
  4. Find out if there are any good contractors that they prefer to work with. If they do have a preferred contractor, this would mean that they have worked together on previous projects and will have a  greater understanding of each other and the project should move along a lot smoother.
  5. All projects are different and you should always take into account the complexity of the project and if your architect can handle it. Not all architects have the same technical expertise so they may not have the right experience to handle a large-scale project like yours.
  6. Pay attention to the details such as the building materials used in previous projects and how the buildings have aged. This will save you from having problems down the road and help ensure that you have hired the right architect for your project.

Just remember that finding an architect needs to be a detailed process. Follow these tips and you are on your way to hiring the right architect for your project. 

To get more information on architects visit the SIA (Singapore Institute Of Architects)

Have you found an architect but now need to find a renovation contractor?

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