6 Modern Home Trends to Look for in 2018


Every trendsetter knows that modern interior design is where it’s at. However, today it’s not enough to just have a home decorated in a contemporary style; you also have to adjust your home to fit recent trends when it comes to color, materials and building ways. So, here are six modern home trends experts predict will be big next year. Take a look.

The “It” colors

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 was relaxing Greenery, however, 2018 will be all about more intense colors that match our busy lifestyles. The color palette that will most likely stand out next season is TECH-nique, a palette that pays homage to all things tech. Pantone says to keep an eye on bright blues, greens, fuchsia and purple combined with gleaming turquoise, pink and white.

Metallic accents

Forget about silver metallics and go back to natural, earthy copper, especially brass. Silver will return without a doubt, but probably not next year. Another trend when it comes to metals is metallic furniture that will anchor the room. Let metallics take a more prominent role in interior design by getting coffee tables and dining tables made of metal or adorned with metallic accents. An all-metal coffee table will nicely counterbalance a traditional upholstered sofa or armchair.

Organic materials and dark wood

If you’re nostalgic about nature and simpler times, but still love your modern home, you can reconnect with nature through the use of organic materials and handcrafted accessories. Organic materials like shells, lava rocks and even bone are gaining momentum as decorative elements. However, you don’t have to go big in order to embrace this natural style. A set of bone and rock coasters is sometimes all you need. Dark woods are also becoming more and more popular in modern homes. Wood types like rosewood, walnut and even mango are undergoing a charring technique that gives them a deep and beautiful dark surface. It really is a big step away from blonde woods used in Scandinavian style in recent years.

Geometric patterns

Introducing geometric patterns into your home is one of the easier ways to stay up-to-date with interior design trends, but it’s very effective. You can go geometric in everything from art pieces and wallpapers to tiles and backsplashes. You can focus on one wall or go all-in by wallpapering your whole bathroom, whichever you choose. Another great way to add geometry to your home is with decorative pillows or throws (they are easy to replace if you don’t like the look). The star of geometric patterns in 2018 will be windowpane (squares) that’s simple enough to be used in basically anything. Its simple design and clean lines will fit especially well in every minimalist home.

Sustainable technologies

Living in a sustainable and eco-friendly home will be the biggest (and honestly the most useful) trend next year and will stay in the spotlight for years to come. Make sure to use eco-friendly materials and technologies in your home, together with energy-efficient appliances and lighting fixtures. If you’re building your home from scratch or having a bigger remodel, your safest bet is to find an architect who has experience with sustainable building. They will give you the best advice and make sure you end up with an energy-efficient and modern home.

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy that concentrates on finding beauty in imperfection. It states that items that are imperfect, damaged and weathered are more interesting as the relentless wheel of time reveals cracks, new textures and colors, oxidation and chips. These items have history and character which makes them valuable and gorgeous. So, in 2018 you can keep your eyes open for items that relate to this beautiful philosophy and incorporate them into your home.

As you can see, 2018 will be an exciting year of modern interior designs with a lot of metallics, geometry and eye-catching colors. Choose a trend that fits your taste the most and get decoratin’ in order to welcome 2018 in a beautiful home.

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