6 Design Rules Worth Breaking in a Small Space

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The smaller the place the more complicated to achieve harmonious design and sophisticated appeal. What may come as a surprise is that small spaces are perfect for breaking the rules and be a rebellious decorator. Just like big spaces can get crammed with patterns and furniture, small places are the victims of over minimizing and simplifying losing so their potential charm and cosiness. Although taking bold moves in interior design is tricky firstly because of fear to make a mistake, and secondly, because that mistake can easily be made, we encourage you to try some of these ideas recommended by interior designers and enjoy your small home like it's a palace.  

1.Lose the white ceiling tradition

White paint has been always used for the ceiling because it makes space looks taller and creates the feeling of openness. But it also breaks the connection you have with your space. The wall colour was chosen for a reason, and mostly it's because you feel comfortable in its tones and enjoy being surrounded by it. You will gain the warmth and organic environment if you either paint the ceiling the same colour as your walls or in lighter complimenting tones. This way you will lose the artificially created hominess and achieve natural radiance of shades.

2.Use smaller furniture

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Smaller furniture for smaller spaces, that’s the rule. Of course, don’t exaggerate with tiny objects which will be useless and only crowding your place. Instead, place your focus on a few regularly sized pieces since the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable. But the rest of the furniture can be small-scaled and properly organized not to create obstacles when moving around. 

3.Dark colours are not forbidden

The general consensus when it comes to small spaces is that at no cost you should use dark colours. But the last decade in interior design has successfully shown that ruled wrong. Namely, darker tones can create the depth and classiness of the space, especially when combined with natural lights and materials.

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Since this year's design promotes the organic environment, you can freely try some dark green or brown tones, even charcoal and dark grey are acceptable as long as you invite the sunlight into your home and let it put on display this darker style.

4.Let something pop

To spice the space up, you can use some loudly coloured item to make your small place more vibrant. The same goes if you decide to put on a wallpaper or some wall embellishments. When it comes to modern ideas on home decoration Sydney, Melbourne and other large Australian cities are more and more accepting the natural and rustic designs.

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This means you can use naturally colourful objects like handmade tapestries, pillow cases and rugs with some folklore motifs which will pop out from the rest of the décor. Also, you can dedicate one wall for floral or pattern wallpapers, or even a natural brick wall to flirt with organic trends.

5.Everything must have several purposes

Don’t be afraid if you see everywhere advice to use multipurpose furniture for small places. This doesn’t mean that your apartment will look cheap or simple, but that you’ll manage to regain your space back from your things.

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Some nicely crafted pieces can have more uses and still be elegant and stylish. Take stools, for example, they can be used for sitting and to hold your magazines, books, laptop, and even coffee. The shelf can be used to hold books and trinkets and also can be turned into sliding doors to separate the space.

6.On the contrary, don’t remove your things

Don’t throw away your things and belongings. Instead, clean up the mess and choose what goes and what stays. Contrary to popular belief, having your things on display will not eat up space but make your small place personal and with character.

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Of course, you aren't going to leave the mess and clutter up every free surface in the place, but few things here and there are welcomed and also aesthetically attractive.

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The best way to make sure you didn't lose your home to your things or that you didn't deprive yourself of what you need, is to moderately apply the style you want. Combine it with tips and hints on how to make you small place stylish and classy and add some panache and attitude unique to you. Soon enough you'll achieve harmony in a small home against all odds.


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