6 Affordable Ways to Boost Your Bedroom


If you wish to breathe some new life into your bedroom but are not aiming for a complete remodel, don’t despair. There are amazing updates that will elevate your bedroom’s style and boost comfort without having to start from scratch—and they will be so worth every penny you invest!

Add interest to the headboard

In case your bedroom lacks drama and elegance, you can change that with an impressive headboard! So, give your basic headboard a little makeover! Choose a fresh fabric for upholstery to brighten up a dark space or opt for an elegant leather solution that will boost romance and that sexy feeling. Custom headboards will no cost you too much money, but will have a huge effect! On the other hand, if you have a bed without a headboard, you can create a faux version with wallpaper or statement wall paint. A large piece of art above the bed can also instantly elevate the entire look of the room.

Dress your bed

In the past, dressing your bed meant putting up satin or silk sheets, layering with several throws and pilling up decorative pillows. Luckily, times change and so does the bed styling, and 2018 is all about au naturel, lived-in look! The easiest way to pull off this casual vibe is to invest in new, organic linen bed sheets. Linen is breathable, light and very pleasant on the skin. Additionally, try to leave the bed looking “perfectly unmade” by not making the pillows too straight or the comforter too leveled.

Keep it clean

While you’re dealing with your bed, make sure to keep it fresh and clean. Even if you’re pushing that casual bedroom vibe, washing your linen, throws and pillows is very important, especially if you live in warm climates like Australia’s and you often wake up covered in sweat. Clean bedding not only looks and smells better, but also boosts your comfort and health. Luckily, there are many services that deal in mattress cleaning in Sydney that will steam your bed clean and remove all smells and the dust and dirt trapped inside. This will ensure you’ll have fresh, pleasant and allergy-free nights.

Introduce some color

If your bedroom is quite neutral, try to introduce a few pops of color to the space to break the monotony. However, don’t overdo it with color—opting for one or two colors you truly like is all you need to add visual interest to the space. For instance, choose a vibrant piece of artwork, an interesting wall or window treatment or add color with gorgeous rug or decorative pillows. It’s really easy and you can spend as little or as much money you want on these little bursts of color.

Improve your pillow game

Accent pillows have almost always been a must-have element of the bedroom and they can immensely elevate the style of your bed without being too expensive. They add texture, pattern, personality and color to the room. Think bright, accent colors like yellow, green or light blue. Pillows are also a great way to pull all the colors of the room together and create a cohesive look. Just remember that cheap pillows always look cheap, so don’t hesitate to opt for high-quality materials to add an extra touch of sophistication to your bedroom. It will cost you only a few dollars more but the gain will be huge.

Update your window treatment

Another very cost-effective way to improve your room’s style is to tackle your outdated window treatment and adjust it to your desired bedroom vibe. If you wish to achieve an airy look, aim for light curtains that will fly in the breeze, but if you’re all about romance and classic elegance, invest in lush, satin draperies that will pool on the floor.

All of these small and not so small bedroom updates will do wonders for your sleep space. And the best thing about them is that you won’t waste a dollar! Every single investment will pay off and do its part in making your bedroom stylish and comfortable.

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