5 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home

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Winter is upon us, which means we will spend more time inside our homes. But, don’t let that get you down. There are many ways you can bring the beauty of nature indoors. We will give you some ideas that will help you create an oasis even in the middle of winter.

Go Rustic

We all love the beauty of wood. However, if you want the wood furniture in your home to give it the feel of nature, use pieces that allow the wood to maintain its tree-like form. Rustic pieces like log end tables or a natural finish dining room table allows you to be trendy and chic. Add oil lanterns for a walk into the past. If you have a fireplace, stage some real logs stacked beside the fireplace in a metal holder.

Photo site: Pexels

Plant An Herb Garden

Herb gardens are a perfect addition to any kitchen. Use small tin pails. Hammer a nail in the bottom of the pails in several places to allow drainage. Fill the pail ⅔ way full of potting soil and high-quality potting soil and  Plant herbs by Seed Needs.

Slip a tension rod under the pail handles and suspend them in a kitchen window. When you need to water them, simply pull the rod off and lower the pails into the kitchen sink.


It is not enough to have the look of nature, you need to have the scent of nature. You can do this will essential oils and diffusers. Other ideas include tying a bunch of fresh eucalyptus branches to your shower head.  

Crush real peppermint and place it in a small spray bottle. Add water and shake until dissolved. Use this solution as a drawer freshener. This gives you a natural smell and it will keep mice out of the drawers (they will be looking for a winter home).

Wall Art

Select some beautiful leaves or wildflowers. Purchase some quality picture frames.Place the leaves into the picture frames and hang them on the wall. This is very sophisticated and classic look that will instantly perk up a room.

Sand Art and Rock Gardens

Collect sand from different beaches or buy it online. Display it in pretty vases. You can layer the colors or add seashells. This makes for a great and all natural room decoration.

Use a large tray and display your rock collection. Add gravel under the stone to hold them in place and give your rock garden a three-dimensional look. Place small hand rakes of wood on the tray for an added touch. Or for a more elegant look add candles to the tray and place the stones around them. When you burn the candles, the melted wax will drip on the stones beautifully.

If you are remodeling, select wallpaper with floral or greenery designs. Warm colors like pale yellow or light coral make great bedding and you can switch up the pillows and throws with Earth tones.

Use earth tones such as tan, clay, camel, and beige for the living room. This will be easier to change the decor when the holidays arrive. Earth tones come alive with red, green, blue, and antique ornaments.

It is very easy to bring nature into your home. The result is a home that is comfortable, warm and inviting. Make your home an oasis for any season with decor designed by Mother Nature.

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