5 Unexpected Benefits of Moving to A New House

As time passes; families can grow, and circumstances can change, making the idea of packing up in pursuit of a new home extremely tempting.

But with 2/3 people firmly voting ‘moving house’ as more stressful than divorce, a relationship breakdown, or starting a new job, is the grass always greener in a new home?

Well, according to Protection Supplies, there are five unexpected benefits of moving to a new house.

  1. Moving Gives You a Better Memory

Labeled the ‘relocation bump,’ 65% of people are more likely to recall a past event if it occurred around a time that they moved a house. As moving to a new house is such a significant reference point, it often provides a setting for other memories.

  1. You Can Make New Friends

Research has uncovered that after the age of 25, you’re likely to lose a friend in each decade of your life. However, relocating to a new house could help you overcome this hurdle, as you’ll be introduced to new neighbours, familiar faces and different friendship circles.

Carly Thompsett, owner of Anaphase Media moved from south central UK to Cardiff “in search of a better lifestyle and change of scenery.” She has no regrets on the matter because “moving around helps build your character and confidence as you have to meet people to make friends.”

  1. It Makes You Less Materialistic

Want to become a minimalist? Just relocate. Naturally, with any house move, you’re likely to declutter beforehand to make the house move easier. However, the pre-move declutter has been found to help with future habits as you’re more likely to question purchases in the future. 

Parenting blogger, Mama Nosh, has switched to a more minimalistic lifestyle after downsizing. “We downsized our home recently from 120 sqm to 60 sqm and sold a lot of furniture, clothes and toys. The move was triggered by our landlords serving notice, but the stressful event actually turned out to be positive. Due to downsizing, the children really appreciate the few toys they have, and for me, it feels like I actually have something to wear (after reducing my clothes to about a quarter of what they used to be.)”

  1. You’ll Pick Up Greener Habits

Research shows that you’re more likely to use a greener mode of transport after a house move. This can include anything from public transport to cycling, which will not only benefit the environment but also your physical health.

  1. You Can Double Your Profit

If you’re relocating to an entirely new city, you’re more likely to make a profit from your house sale. In fact, the average homeowner makes a £92,000 profit, with 20% of homeowners actually doubling their profit.

Ruth Walker, a Senior PR and Outreach Manager from Newcastle, believes moving across the country for a better job or lifestyle “may seem extreme but it's one of the best things I've ever done. You don't know unless you try.”

Uncover the other ways in which you should be focusing less on the stress, and instead, the positives of moving house to a new home.


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