5 Trendy Flooring Designs to think about

Updating your floors to meet the trend may have made you view it as a losing battle since they seem to change at a moment’s whim!

However, these 5 trendy flooring designs may wake up the dormant artist in you and make you decide to have it done in your home.


1. A floor made of bamboo

The idea of using bamboo on a floor is not something new, but the designs, colours, and patterns that were styled in 2014 and 2015 are. The detailed, bold, and intricate designs made on bamboo flooring have achieved the heights of artistry that makes them look chic and stylish! The shrinkage problem that used to beset bamboos has been whisked away so you’ll not only have a lovely floor, you’ll have one that will last for a long time.


2. Environment-friendly carpets

Carpets are the bane of every housewife that collects molds, dust, allergens, and just about all nasty substances that you do not even want to think about. That was the carpet during the olden times. Modern times have created carpets that have been stripped to the bone and recycled which made it environment-friendly green and soft. Recycling materials and fibers are now the trending designs of many manufacturers which have seen the good it created in the environment. This has produced a much softer version of carpets which becomes even softer and smoother as the price jacks up.


3. Hard Times

Hard floors are here to stay but underwent a drastic change to adapt to the modern era. The trending of reclaimed hardwood that does not pack a pricey punch and looks as sophisticated as timber makes it a good choice. The style nowadays is to have aged-looking floors even when they are brand new. This gives them a rustic charm to a home that wins hands down.


4. Oversized tiles

Using large tiles is another trendy design that’s worth a second look. These oversized tiles have been given larger than life designs in new and explosive colours, textures, and patterns that have designers clamoring for more. The tile floor is also easy to maintain as long as it’s installed properly.


5. Printed over vinyl

Vinyl can now be printed over which is hardly surprising given that backsplashes can be printed on as well. Printed wood vinyl floors can give you the look of the real thing if you can’t afford to have one. Same goes for marble and granite vinyl prints.


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