5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer Parties


Before you know it, summer will be on its way. Once the weather begins to warm up, you'll likely want to start hosting summer parties to celebrate the season with friends and family.

Transforming Your House for Summer

Whether you're already imagining all the backyard barbecues and garden dinners you're going to host, if you're hoping to turn your home into the "it house" this summer, now's the time to start making plans to get ready. Consider the following tips as you prepare to transform your home into a summer "fun house":

1. Start with the Curb Appeal

Friends and family members love to frequent a place that feels good and looks good. Start your summer fun renovations by working on your curb appeal. Take a look at your home from the perspective of a passerby on the street or sidewalk. Identify what changes you should make to help your home stand out.

One of the easiest ways to make your home look fresher is to apply a new coat of paint to the exterior. Whether you choose a bold new color or you just want to brighten things up, making your home look its best on the outside will make visitors feel welcome.

2. Prepare the Yard

The joy of summer is that it allows us to truly enjoy the outdoors. To prepare for all the evenings spent lounging outside, you'll need to keep the outdoor areas in your backyard and in front of the home clean and presentable. While you don't have to completely overhaul these areas, you do want to make them look their best.

Ensure that the lawn is mowed, the trees and shrubbery are groomed, and that all walkways and entryways are clear. Once these spaces are addressed, consider getting a little creative with the landscaping. Bringing in plants, flowers and outdoor furniture is always a nice touch.

3. Get the Pool Ready

If you have a pool at your house, you likely already know how much maintenance goes into taking care of it. As you get your pool ready for the first swims of the season, you'll want to make sure the water is safe for swimmers. Either get the pool professionally cleaned or get the necessary supplies to clean it yourself.

After the pool water is good to go, it's time to make your pool party-ready. If you want guests to think you have one of the best custom pools in Montgomery has to offer, you should go all out. Once the water is clear and clean, bring in pool floats, exquisite pool lighting, and creative decorations around the pool.

4. Set up Adequate Lighting

If you're planning to have summer parties in the evening, you need to set up adequate lighting. Most evening summer parties end after sundown, so ample lighting is a must. Consider lighting ideas that are best suited to your area. From string lights to candles to tiki torches, your choice of lighting will work to set the tone for the party.

5. Make Space for Guests

In addition to making your home look ready for guests, you'll need to make space for them as well. If you plan to be outdoors during most of your events, you need to have adequate backyard seating. Whether you rent outdoor furniture or you set up permanent fixtures, you need to make sure you have a place for each guest to rest and relax.

Depending on the weather, it's important to keep in mind that all furniture outdoors should be waterproof. If you have an enclosed patio, it should be safe enough to bring some of your indoor furniture outside.

Summer is an ideal time for rest and relaxation. Use this guide to ensure that your home is ready for all your future summer gatherings.


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